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79.5% of the respondents said the Connections course enabled them to feel more comfortable contacting their professors.

Connections Survey 2015

Accreditation History PDF

These files have been used by AAA in past Accrediations.

1997 Accreditation Reaffirmation Letter.pdf
1997 NWCCU Evaluation Committee Report.pdf
1997 USU Self Study.pdf
2002 NWCCU Interim Report.pdf
2002 USU Interim Report.pdf
2004 USU Progress Report.pdf
2005 Baseline Assessment Math 1050 & Stat 1040.pdf
2005 Value Added English 1010 & English 2010.pdf
2006 Baseline Assessment Math 1050 & Stat 1040.pdf
2006 Connections Impact on GPA and Retention .pdf
2006 English 1010 and 2010 Information Literacy Component Assessment.pdf
2006 English 1010 and 2010 Information Literacy, Libraries .pdf
2006 Value Added English 1010 & English 2010.pdf
2007 Accreditation Timeline.pdf
2007 Athletics Certification Peer Review Report.pdf
2007 Course Evaluation Analysis.pdf
2007 Goals and Objectives.pdf
2007 List of Self Study Participants.pdf
2007 NWCCU Evaluation Committee Report.pdf
2007 Proposed Self Study Format.pdf
2007 Report on Supplemental Instruction.pdf
2007 Self Study Guiding Principles.pdf
2007 Standards Committees Lists.pdf
2007 Steering Committee Organizational Chart.pdf
2007 USU Board of Trustees Quality Instruction Policy.pdf
2007 USU Mission, Vision and Core Values Statement.pdf
2007 USU Self Study for NWCCU.pdf
2008 Accreditation Reaffirmation Letter.pdf
Accreditation Handbook .pdf
Added Programs 2001-2007.pdf
Deleted Programs 2001-2006.pdf
General Education Assessment Plan.pdf
General Education Learning Objectives.pdf
General Education Mission.pdf
Mission, Core Values, Goals and Objectives.pdf
NWCCU Accreditation Letter 2015.pdf
NWCCU Accreditation Letter_USU_08.08.08.pdf
NWCCU Departmental Self Study Format Guide.pdf