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60.8% of Freshmen and Sophomores said they had good writing skills, and 70.7% said they had good computer skills.

Freshman/Sophomore Survey 2010

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Digital Measures (DM) is a software program licensed by the University to serve as a database of faculty activity. Both faculty and administrators are able to generate reports from DM.

Utah State uses Digital Measures to organize and build reports on teaching, research, and services activities. This system enables you to keep track of your activity information just once so that many outputs can be prepared, such as annual activity reports, accreditation reports, and responses to requests for faculty-related data, rather than needing to continually ask you for the information. This enables us to communicate more effectively about faculty accomplishments. Annual reviews for tenured and tenure-track faculty rely upon the information input in Digital Measures.

Digital Measures Enhancements

New Interface Coming 2015
Watch this space for when we are able to give you a preview of the new DM interface coming 2015.

Record Editor: Allow Maiden/Alternate Names to be Entered for Contributors
DM is now supports the ability for people's names to change over time. When adding collaborators, users can now specify maiden or alternate names for each person.

Import Your Items: PubMed ID, PubMed Central ID and NIH Manuscript ID are Now Mapped
Three important publication identifiers - PubMed ID, PubMed Central ID and NIH Manuscript ID - can now be imported via PubMed and BibTeX Imports.

Search from Summary Screens
This exciting enhancement is now in place! Now you can quickly locate the records you need by entering search criteria into the new box on the summary screens in Activity Insight.

Enhancements to BibTeX Imports
We enhanced our BibTeX Imports feature to better handle BibTeX files that contain records with spaces or certain characters in their record keys that were tripping it up. These files will now work as expected.

updated 20141016