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79.5% of the respondents said the Connections course enabled them to feel more comfortable contacting their professors.

Connections Survey 2015

* NOTE:These displays use "Normalized" (current year) colleges and departments. Over time, changes in the structure of colleges and departments (e.g. the creation of the Caine College of the Arts) can make multi-year trend analysis difficult. To address this issue, in this display, all Majors are counted as if today's structure of departments and colleges existed throughout the analysis period in question (e.g. the departments that are in the College of the Arts today are grouped as a "College of Arts" throughout, even though that college has only existed for a few years).

This adjustment is made by grouping students by major, and then creating department and college totals based on the current college and departmental structure at USU. Because of this adjustment, total numbers for some departments and/or colleges may not match federally reported numbers for College and Department views in prior years.