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Graduation Summary Degree Counts by Major

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MajorDegree 2010-20112011-2012 2012-20132013-2014 2014-2015

Ag Communication & JournalismBachelor of Science51402
AccountingCertificate of Completion06331
AccountingBachelor of Science77741008773
AccountingBachelor of Arts1417131415
AccountingAssociate of Science/Business02010
AccountingMaster of Accounting3526313251
Animal/Dairy/Veterinary Sci.Master of Science00162
Animal/Dairy/Veterinary Sci.Doctor of Philosophy00032
Animal/Dairy/Veterinary Sci.Bachelor of Science2632515346
Aerospace EngineeringMaster of Science14674
Applied Environmntl GeoscienceBachelor of Science00002
Applied Environmntl GeoscienceMaster of Science00101
AgribusinessBachelor of Science515151114
Agricultural EconomicsBachelor of Science00110
Agricultural EducationBachelor of Science1587816
Agricultural Machinery TechAssociate of Applied Science43444
Agricultural Machinery TechCertificate/Undergrad10000
American StudiesBachelor of Science67232
American StudiesBachelor of Arts02001
American StudiesMaster of Science77648
American StudiesMaster of Arts22126
Animal ScienceDoctor of Philosophy02200
Animal ScienceBachelor of Science51000
Animal ScienceMaster of Science10310
AnthropologyBachelor of Science91212129
AnthropologyBachelor of Arts67568
AnthropologyMaster of Science00135
Applied EconomicsMaster of Science35464
ArtMaster of Fine Arts947612
ArtBachelor of Arts02204
ArtBachelor of Fine Arts5961505052
ArtBachelor of Science817141421
Art HistoryBachelor of Arts01202
Asian StudiesBachelor of Arts46395
Ag Systems Tech/AgribusinessBachelor of Science20100
Agricultural Systems TechMaster of Science10111093
Agricultural Systems TechBachelor of Science71011410
Aviation Technology-Maint MgtBachelor of Science1213111110
Aviation Technology-Prof PilotBachelor of Science151191018
Aviation Technology-Prof PilotBachelor of Science00100
Doctor of AudiologyDoctor of Audiology65466
Automobile/Auto Mech Tech/ThnAssociate of Applied Science02532
Automobile/Auto Mech Tech/ThnCertificate of Completion00200
Business Administration/Mgt GeAssociate of Applied Science01121
Building Const Finsh/Mgmt/InspCertificate of Completion01010
Building Const Finsh/Mgmt/InspAssociate of Applied Science01000
Biological EngineeringBachelor of Science1617101015
Biological EngineeringMaster of Science56337
Biological EngineeringDoctor of Philosophy50136
BiochemistryDoctor of Philosophy21332
BiochemistryMaster of Science10130
BiochemistryBachelor of Science1722161919
BiologyAssociate of Science01000
BiologyBachelor of Arts23416
BiologyMaster of Science23221
BiologyDoctor of Philosophy62454
BiologyBachelor of Science4160476060
BiometeorologyMaster of Science10000
Bioregional PlanningMaster of Science42201
Biological Science-Comp TeachBachelor of Science211444
Business AdministrationBachelor of Science39416594126
Business AdministrationBachelor of Arts3651121
BusinessBachelor of Science1331331068434
BusinessBachelor of Arts1215740
Business/Commerce GeneralAssociate of Science/Business011221
Business/Commerce GeneralAssociate of Science01000
Bioveterinary ScienceDoctor of Philosophy00010
Bioveterinary ScienceMaster of Science21100
Bioveterinary ScienceBachelor of Science21000
Civil and Environ EngineeringDoctor of Philosophy1510510
Civil and Environ EngineeringMaster of Science2923332518
Civil and Environ EngineeringMaster of Engineering1620141214
Comm Disorders &Deaf EducationBachelor of Science152289392327335
Comm Disorders &Deaf EducationMaster of Education376301216
Comm Disorders &Deaf EducationMaster of Arts000022
Comm Disorders &Deaf EducationMaster of Science151615234
Comm Disorders &Deaf EducationBachelor of Arts00356
ChemistryMaster of Science00110
ChemistryBachelor of Arts00112
ChemistryDoctor of Philosophy43431
ChemistryBachelor of Science1058136
Chemical EngineeringAssociate of Pre-Engineering00100
Civil EngineeringAssociate of Pre-Engineering01000
Civil EngineeringBachelor of Science6450435559
Criminal JusticeAssociate of Science/Crim Just017121620
Computer EngineeringBachelor of Science11119613
Computer EngineeringMaster of Science92242
Computer EngineeringMaster of Engineering73312
Communication StudiesBachelor of Arts05979
Communication StudiesBachelor of Science07192427
CommunicationMaster of Science11000
Computer ScienceBachelor of Arts00100
Computer ScienceBachelor of Science3234394851
Computer ScienceMaster of Science3531311825
Computer ScienceDoctor of Philosophy44244
Cosmetology/Cosmetologist GenAssociate of Applied Science00255
Cosmetology/Cosmetologist GenCertificate of Completion01000
Conservation & Restoration EcoBachelor of Science34472
Crop ScienceBachelor of Science52130
Climate ScienceMaster of Science00002
Career and Technical EducationMaster of Education00006
Comp Teach-Physical ScienceBachelor of Science24114
Curriculum and InstructionEducational Specialist04320
Curriculum and InstructionEducation Specialist10000
Deaf Ed & Elementary EdBachelor of Science20000
Disability DisciplinesDoctor of Philosophy24665
Dairy ScienceMaster of Science20000
Diesel Mechanics Tech/TechnAssociate of Applied Science06123
Early Childhood EducationBachelor of Science2918202423
Early Childhood EducationBachelor of Arts00100
EcologyDoctor of Philosophy86758
EcologyMaster of Science8148510
EconomicsBachelor of Science345252232254256
EconomicsMaster of Science36373
EconomicsBachelor of Arts2129322819
EconomicsDoctor of Philosophy50031
Economics and StatisticsMaster of Science01100
CAD/CADD Draft/Design TechCertificate of Completion02252
EducationDoctor of Education54522
EducationDoctor of Philosophy716161113
Elementary Ed & Deaf EdBachelor of Science00240
Elementary Education K-6Bachelor of Arts00111
Elementary Education K-6Bachelor of Science81911158
Elementary Ed & Special EdBachelor of Science03597
Early Childhood Education&TeacCertificate of Completion02000
Early Childhood Education&TeacAssociate of Science01000
Early Childhood Education&TeacAssociate of Applied Science04031
Elementary EducationMaster of Science00001
Elementary EducationMaster of Education4736352515
Elementary EducationBachelor of Arts41555
Elementary EducationBachelor of Science155109147130133
Electrical EngineeringDoctor of Philosophy81257
Electrical EngineeringMaster of Engineering9137813
Electrical EngineeringAssociate of Pre-Engineering00002
Electrical EngineeringBachelor of Science2933283039
Electrical EngineeringMaster of Science141018107
Engineering EducationDoctor of Philosophy01024
EnglishMaster of Science171422158
EnglishMaster of Arts365310
EnglishBachelor of Arts2115272322
EnglishAssociate of Science01000
EnglishBachelor of Science7659676773
Engineering, GeneralAssociate of Pre-Engineering02000
Engineering, GeneralAssociate of Science01000
Environmental & NR EconomicsBachelor of Science00002
Environmental StudiesBachelor of Science910161712
EntrepreneurshipBachelor of Science27191561
EntrepreneurshipBachelor of Arts11120
Environmental EngineeringBachelor of Science610452
Environmental Soil/Water ScienBachelor of Science10318
Engineering & Technology EdBachelor of Science37000
Engineering & Technology EdMaster of Science61000
Fisheries & Aquatic SciencesBachelor of Science75526
Family and Consumer SciencesBachelor of Arts00001
Family and Consumer SciencesBachelor of Science74317
Family and Human DevelopmentDoctor of Philosophy14022
Family, Consumer, Human DeveloMaster of Family and Human Dev231001
Family, Consumer, Human DeveloBachelor of Science8765113133116
Family, Consumer, Human DeveloDoctor of Philosophy10110
Family, Consumer, Human DeveloBachelor of Arts87521
Family, Consumer, Human DeveloMaster of Science1765510
Family & Consumer Sciences EdBachelor of Science2222142317
Financial EconomicsMaster of Science0281113
FinanceBachelor of Arts5913921
FinanceBachelor of Science8064596455
Family Life StudiesBachelor of Science1719373433
ForestryMaster of Science10120
ForestryBachelor of Science13233
ForestryDoctor of Philosophy00010
FrenchBachelor of Arts37775
Fisheries BiologyMaster of Science02210
General StudiesAssociate of Arts027192098
General StudiesBachelor of Science54520
General StudiesAssociate of Science4637907388591056
GeographyMaster of Science21100
GeographyBachelor of Arts01000
GeographyBachelor of Science34844
GeologyMaster of Science45294
GeologyBachelor of Science131061214
GeologyBachelor of Arts00001
GeologyAssociate of Science01000
GeologyDoctor of Philosophy00232
Geography TeachingBachelor of Science01110
Global CommunicationBachelor of Arts0031314
Graphic DesignAssociate of Science01000
Graphic DesignCertificate of Completion01000
GermanBachelor of Arts35755
General Studies in AgBachelor of Science000137
General Studies in ArtsBachelor of Arts00100
General Studies in ArtsBachelor of Science00101
General Studies in Ed/Human SeBachelor of Science0001128
General Studies in Ed/Human SeBachelor of Arts00001
General Studies in HumanitiesBachelor of Science00001
General Studies in Nat ResourcBachelor of Science00265
General Studies in ScienceBachelor of Science03236
General Studies in ScienceBachelor of Arts00100
General Studies in TechnologyBachelor of Science010622
General TechnologyAssociate of Applied Science00333
Health and Human MovementMaster of Science2317201415
Human Dim Eco Sci & MgmtDoctor of Philosophy31104
Human Dim Eco Sci & MgmtMaster of Science41623
Health Education and PromotionBachelor of Science08183434
Health Education SpecialistBachelor of Science218015
Constrc/Heavy Equip/EarthmovinCertificate of Completion00110
HistoryBachelor of Arts3947431815
HistoryBachelor of Science2027272017
HistoryMaster of Science41232
HistoryMaster of Arts54545
Human Movement ScienceBachelor of Science95135136150158
HorticultureMaster of Prof Studies in Hort22013
HorticultureBachelor of Science242416125
Health, Physical Ed & RecreatiMaster of Education319001
Health, Physical Ed & RecreatiMaster of Science01000
Human Resource ManagementBachelor of Arts74610
Human Resource ManagementBachelor of Science44443890
Human EnvironmentsMaster of Science41000
Human ResourcesMaster of Human Resources000054
Human ResourcesMaster of Science238164914
Interior Design SalesMarketingBachelor of Science1816200
Interior Design SalesMarketingBachelor of Arts12100
International Food & AgribusMaster of Science00102
Instructional LeadershipMaster of Education08152420
International AgribusinessBachelor of Arts10202
International BusinessBachelor of Science610910
International BusinessBachelor of Arts2218243018
Interior DesignBachelor of Interior Design2012181818
Interior DesignBachelor of Science00100
Industrial MathematicsMaster of Science10002
Instructional TechnologyEducational Specialist01000
Instructional TechnologyMaster of Education213000
Instructional TechnologyEducation Specialist20000
International StudiesBachelor of Arts2423252315
Irrigation EngineeringDoctor of Philosophy04210
Irrigation EngineeringMaster of Science21100
Interdisciplinary StudiesBachelor of Science133163156137129
Interdisciplinary StudiesBachelor of Arts81012921
Instructional Tech&Learning ScEducational Specialist00036
Instructional Tech&Learning ScMaster of Education23713145
Instructional Tech&Learning ScDoctor of Philosophy127233
Instructional Tech&Learning ScMaster of Inst Tech & Inst Des00002
Instructional Tech&Learning ScMaster of Science1920312831
JournalismBachelor of Science8465654939
JournalismBachelor of Arts19161386
Landscape ArchitectureMaster of Landscape Arch611285
Landscape ArchitectureBachelor of Landscape Arch1913183116
Law and Constitutional StudiesBachelor of Arts263102
Law and Constitutional StudiesBachelor of Science81571111
Liberal ArtsBachelor of Arts3548303418
Liberal Arts&Sci, Gen StudiesAssociate of Science010000
Liberal Arts&Sci, Gen StudiesAssociate of Arts02000
Liberal ArtsBachelor of Arts01200
Clinical/Medical Lab AssistantCertificate of Completion05930
Machine Tool TechnologyCertificate of Completion00230
Mathematics EducationBachelor of Arts01000
Mathematics EducationBachelor of Science51015145
MarketingBachelor of Arts5571014
MarketingBachelor of Science4245515466
Mathematics/StatisticsBachelor of Science30252
Mathematics/StatisticsBachelor of Arts00001
MathematicsBachelor of Science131010107
MathematicsMaster of Mathematic51542
MathematicsMaster of Science44222
MathematicsBachelor of Arts11000
Master of Bus AdminMaster of Business Administrat106167123145125
Master of Dietetics AdminMaster of Dietetics Administra256712
Medical Laboratory TechnicianAssociate of Applied Science02003
Mechanical EngineeringMaster of Science3219302115
Mechanical EngineeringAssociate of Pre-Engineering03010
Mechanical EngineeringBachelor of Science90898299102
Mechanical EngineeringDoctor of Philosophy46264
Mining and Mineral EngineeringAssociate of Pre-Engineering01000
Master Family & Human DevelopMaster of Family and Human Dev00161
Master of Food Micro & SafetyMaster of Food Microbiology an10100
Master of Fitness PromotionMaster of Fitness Promotion00001
Master of Food Safety&QualityMaster of Food Safety&Quality00550
Master of Health PromotionMaster of Health Promotion00014
Medical Insurance Spec/MedicalCertificate of Completion013100
Management Information SystemsMaster of Science272826178
Management Information SystemsMaster of Mngmt Info Sys000028
Management Information SystemsBachelor of Science2740445556
Management Information SystemsBachelor of Arts42773
Marriage and Family TherapyMaster Marriage Family Therapy63543
Math/Stats - Comp TeachingBachelor of Science231119228
Master of Technical CommunMaster of Technical Commun00003
Mathematical SciencesDoctor of Philosophy11653
MusicMaster of Music30524
MusicBachelor of Music3527394138
Music TherapyBachelor of Science138131211
Music TherapyBachelor of Arts00110
Nutrition and Food SciencesDoctor of Philosophy36414
Nutrition and Food SciencesMaster of Science710378
Nutrition and Food SciencesBachelor of Science2637100
Natural ResourcesMaster of Natural Resources1014201111
Nutrition, Dietetics &Food SciBachelor of Science311446340
Licensed Pract Nursing/Voc N TCertificate of Completion033312922
Nursing/Reg Nurs Trn/RN ASNAssociate of Applied Science039355141
Operations ManagementBachelor of Science13131612
Operations ManagementBachelor of Arts71000
Ornamental HorticultureCertificate/Undergrad109121428
Ornamental HorticultureAssociate of Applied Science1717181521
Ornamental HorticultureCertificate/Undergrad07100
Office Systems SupportAssociate of Applied Science141000
Parks and RecreationBachelor of Science92192022
PhilosophyBachelor of Science47550
PhilosophyBachelor of Arts64433
Physics TeachingBachelor of Science00103
PhysicsDoctor of Philosophy41632
PhysicsBachelor of Science1713141423
PhysicsMaster of Science51221
Plant ScienceBachelor of Science007920
Plant ScienceDoctor of Philosophy13111
Plant ScienceMaster of Science73865
Political ScienceBachelor of Science3637313532
Political ScienceMaster of Science47515
Political ScienceBachelor of Arts2021161511
Political ScienceMaster of Arts30211
Pre-EngineeringAssociate of Pre-Engineering77257
Pre-Medicine/Pre-Medical StudiAssociate of Science04000
Pre-NursingAssociate of Science08000
Pre-NursingAssociate of Arts00011
Physical and Sport EducationMaster of Education0411135
Psychology TeachingBachelor of Science11101
PsychologyBachelor of Science8510210894110
PsychologyEducation Specialist60000
PsychologyBachelor of Arts36519
PsychologyEducational Specialist02763
PsychologyDoctor of Philosophy16712112
PsychologyMaster of Education000031
PsychologyMaster of Science317036577
Public HealthBachelor of Science2220201718
Medical Radiologic Tech/SciencAssociate of Science01000
Rangeland ResourcesBachelor of Science95634
Range ScienceDoctor of Philosophy01000
Range ScienceMaster of Science34113
Religious StudiesBachelor of Arts33306
Religious StudiesBachelor of Science32541
Rec Resource ManagementMaster of Science03120
Rehabilitation CounselingMaster of Rehabilitation Couns1535212720
Rehabilitation CounselingCertificate/Graduate00072
Residential Landscape Design&CBachelor of Science61413108
Recreation Resource ManagementBachelor of Science7104811
Secondary EducationBachelor of Science46371
Secondary EducationMaster of Education3735243629
Special Ed & Early Child EdBachelor of Science21010
Special Ed & Elementary EdBachelor of Science44349
Soil ScienceDoctor of Philosophy00012
Soil ScienceMaster of Science21112
Second Language TeachingMaster of Second Language Teac1171035
SociologyBachelor of Arts34983
SociologyBachelor of Science3339323645
SociologyMaster of Science46423
SociologyDoctor of Philosophy33003
Social WorkAssociate of Science01000
Social ScienceMaster of Social Science01000
Social WorkMaster of Social Work16302656
Social WorkBachelor of Arts351156
Social WorkBachelor of Science4550456384
SpanishBachelor of Arts2925312225
Speech CommunicationBachelor of Arts73000
Speech CommunicationBachelor of Science1911100
Special EducationBachelor of Arts00010
Special EducationMaster of Science54348
Special EducationMaster of Education47985
Special EducationBachelor of Science3940534351
Social Studies Composite TeachBachelor of Arts11310
Social Studies Composite TeachBachelor of Science710151017
StatisticsMaster of Science95355
StatisticsBachelor of Science5791014
StatisticsBachelor of Arts00001
Technology & Engineering EdBachelor of Science008310
Technology & Engineering EdMaster of Science00152
Theatre ArtsMaster of Fine Arts11322
Theatre ArtsBachelor of Fine Arts68101417
Theatre ArtsMaster of Arts01000
Theatre ArtsBachelor of Arts01151
Dramatic/Theatre Arts & Stg CrAssociate of Science01000
ToxicologyMaster of Science00010
ToxicologyDoctor of Philosophy00100
Theory & Practice of Prof CommDoctor of Philosophy20121
Watershed & Earth SystemsBachelor of Science31212
Watershed ScienceDoctor of Philosophy00220
Watershed ScienceMaster of Science23554
Welding Technology/WelderCertificate of Completion02706
Welding Technology/WelderAssociate of Applied Science02873
Women and Gender StudiesCertificate/Graduate00041
Wildlife BiologyDoctor of Philosophy31050
Wildlife BiologyMaster of Science63664
Wildlife ScienceBachelor of Science1218202825