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Survey says...

About 62% of USU freshman indicated that they intended to obtain a graduate degree, compared to over 71% of students at peer schools.

CIRP Survey 2008

Graduation Summary Degree Counts by Degree


Associate of Applied Science7877958797
Associate of Arts29192199106
Associate of Pre-Engineering143694
Associate of Science82273885910561024
Associate of Science/Business132312
Associate of Science/Crim Just1712162019
Bachelor of Arts397418365355400
Bachelor of Fine Arts6960646956
Bachelor of Interior Design1218181813
Bachelor of Landscape Arch1318311616
Bachelor of Music2739413835
Bachelor of Science28533004302930553290
Certificate of Completion6658453156
Doctor of Audiology54668
Doctor of Education45221
Doctor of Philosophy9010010710093
Educational Specialist7101197
Master Marriage Family Therapy35436
Master of Accounting2631325141
Master of Arts1313104442
Master of Business Administrat167123145125119
Master of Computer Science00001
Master of Dietetics Administra5671213
Master of Education135137132133139
Master of Engineering3624212938
Master of Family and Human Dev11623
Master of Fine Arts5108144
Master of Fitness Promotion00013
Master of Food Microbiology an01000
Master of Food Safety&Quality05503
Master of Health Promotion00141
Master of Human Resources0005455
Master of Inst Tech & Inst Des000212
Master of Landscape Arch112853
Master of Mathematic15426
Master of Mngmt Info Sys0002835
Master of Music05244
Master of Natural Resources142011119
Master of Prof Studies in Hort20130
Master of Rehabilitation Couns3521272018
Master of Science468456463284226
Master of Second Language Teac710359
Master of Social Science10000
Master of Social Work630265627
Master of Technical Commun00036