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Survey says...

When students were asked 'After graduation, what are your plans for the next year?' a majority of the respondents (55.2%) said begin a professional career. Thirty-three percent of the respondents were going to continue with their current employment.

School of Graduate Studies Survey 2013

Graduation Summary Degree Counts by Degree


Associate of Applied Science186357877
Associate of Arts0002919
Associate of Pre-Engineering007143
Associate of Science475479463822738
Associate of Science/Business000132
Associate of Science/Crim Just0001712
Bachelor of Arts401433357397418
Bachelor of Fine Arts6752656960
Bachelor of Interior Design2116201218
Bachelor of Landscape Arch2827191318
Bachelor of Music2921352739
Bachelor of Science24222491273628533004
Certificate of Completion0006658
Doctor of Audiology35654
Doctor of Education98545
Doctor of Philosophy768010690100
Education Specialist108900
Educational Specialist000710
Master Marriage Family Therapy00635
Master of Accounting3128352631
Master of Arts1513131313
Master of Business Administrat76144106167123
Master of Computer Science02000
Master of Dietetics Administra33256
Master of Education161122153135137
Master of Engineering2925323624
Master of Family and Human Dev2012311
Master of Fine Arts41210510
Master of Food Microbiology an01101
Master of Food Safety&Quality00005
Master of Landscape Arch496112
Master of Mathematic41515
Master of Music00305
Master of Natural Resources62101420
Master of Prof Studies in Hort00220
Master of Rehabilitation Couns1218153521
Master of Science321407428468456
Master of Second Language Teac101311710
Master of Social Science01010
Master of Social Work0291630