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Survey says...

A majority of Students completing the School of Graduate Studies Graduation Survey report receiving a prior degree from Utah State University (54.6%).

School of Graduate Studies Survey 2015

Graduation Summary Degree Counts by Degree


Associate of Applied Science77958797107
Associate of Arts19219910693
Associate of Pre-Engineering36942
Associate of Science738859105610241226
Associate of Science/Business23120
Associate of Science/Crim Just1216201923
Bachelor of Arts418365355400357
Bachelor of Fine Arts6064695657
Bachelor of Interior Design1818181315
Bachelor of Landscape Arch1831161617
Bachelor of Music3941383529
Bachelor of Science30043029305532903371
Certificate of Completion5845315653
Certificate of Proficiency00006
Doctor of Audiology46682
Doctor of Education52210
Doctor of Philosophy1001071009395
Educational Specialist1011978
Master Marriage Family Therapy54366
Master of Accounting3132514138
Master of Applied Economics00001
Master of Arts1310444233
Master of Business Administrat123145125119126
Master of Computer Science00010
Master of Dietetics Administra67121328
Master of Education137132133139155
Master of Engineering2421293828
Master of Family and Human Dev16233
Master of Fine Arts1081445
Master of Fitness Promotion00133
Master of Food Microbiology an10000
Master of Food Safety&Quality55030
Master of Health Promotion01412
Master of Human Resources00545556
Master of Inst Tech & Inst Des0021231
Master of Landscape Arch128537
Master of Mathematic54267
Master of Mngmt Info Sys00283534
Master of Music52442
Master of Natural Resources201111912
Master of Prof Studies in Hort01300
Master of Rehabilitation Couns2127201818
Master of Science456463284226220
Master of Second Language Teac103598
Master of Social Work02656272
Master of Technical Commun00365