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A majority of the respondents (73.8%) from the School of Graduate Studies agreed or strongly agreed that their career opportunities had improved significantly as a result of completing their graduate degree at USU.

Graduate Studies Survey 2010

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What's New at AAA

Brett Jones - 26-Mar-14

Marilyn has finished compiling the Departmental Data Sheets and they are now posted, including Fall 2013. Check them out, if you're into that sort of thing. Department Summaries

Brett Jones - 11-Mar-14

Ok, Mr Walker has reworked the Enroll, Course, Grad & Employee files to be more of a hybrid type viz, relying less on Graphs and more on numbers (excel type format). We hope this will make it much easier to use the vizs and find your data quicker.

Brett Jones - 24-Jan-14

Posted new Ipeds Dashboards here!
and Connections 2013 Survey Results here!

Brett Jones - 22-Jan-14

Uploaded mostly complete Common Data Set for 2013-14.

Brett Jones - 09-Jan-14

Employee File Viz and Employee File as Lists are both updated for 2013-14. Good work, Mr Walker.

Brett Jones - 06-Jan-14

Just Posted Fall 2013 Idea Center results, get em while they're hot!

Brett Jones - 21-Nov-13

Posted Graduation, Summer & Fall Course and Enrollment files.

Brett Jones - 10-Sep-13

Posted Summer 2013 Idea Center Results. Enjoy!

Brett Jones - 19-Aug-13

Created our AAA Tools for University Administrators. It's a nice simple list of a few of our tools that have been permissioned for Dept Heads and Deans. If you're part of that group, check it out! We hope you'll find something that's useful for you. AAA Tools for Administrators

Brett Jones - 19-Aug-13

Quite a few new things happening here... UEN has their Tableau Server up and running. We've moved all of our public facing Tableau content to the Server, using the Javascript API to display content with a public ticket. Everything went quite smooth and we've changed the menu system to fit a little better into the page. Tableau Index