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Jared Stapp

Jared Stapp

Wrench Master

I am a senior here at USU studying Environmental Studies and Sustainable Systems.  I love riding bikes, building bikes, and teaching others how to repair bikes.  I believe that the benefits of bicycles are limitless, and can enhance your life and the community in so many ways.  They are beneficial to your health, lower our impact on the environment, and are a pleasant way to commute about your day. I love spending my time in the shop, and having the opportunity to educate my peers about these ideas.  I love mountain biking and road biking, but perhaps my favorite thing in the world is to bike tour. I love the simplicity of riding your bike all day, every day with almost no possessions and no obligations. There is no better way to travel the world while experiencing every mile intimately.  in the last year, I cycled the whole coasts of Oregon and California, did a pilgrimage loop around New Mexico, and biked in the Scottish countryside. I look forward to educating the community about bicycles wherever I go, and riding my bike.