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LGBTQA Mentor Bios

Michael Budge

My name is Michael and I'm a 25 years old graduate student working towards a Masters in Civil Engineering. I grew up in an LDS family in Salt Lake City and came to USU for Track & Field. I was very religious and served as a leader on a mission to the American mid-west. When I came out in 2011, those closest to me we're not supportive of my choice to live and love openly. Although I'm no longer active in the LDS church, faith is still important in my life. I enjoy being a part of the local LGBT community, the outdoors, athletics, being with friends, and loving life! Feel free to ask me anything.

Isaac Furniss

An alumnus of the USU History Department, I currently live and work in the Salt Lake area. I lived in Logan for over 7 years and in that time became involved with the LGBTQA community through LIFE, OUTSpoken Panels, the Allies on Campus organization, and the LGBTQA Center itself. I have also helped to lead or participate in the organization for many of these groups. I became a Mentor to offer my assistance and knowledge about USU, Logan, and the groups associated with the queer community. I identify as bi/pansexual and transmale, and am willing to communicate about anything from school to coming out to what activities I recommend in the Logan area.

Stephani Leiter

My name is Stephani Leiter, I am a 21 year old Political Science major who recently made the switch from Psychology. This is my fourth year at Utah State. I came out as a lesbian to my close friends early my senior year of high school but waited until after I graduated to come out to family and other friends. I am from a small Utah town and went to schools that were not very open minded. It’s been a long (sometimes bumpy) road but coming to Utah State definitely made all of the difference. Please message me with questions or if you just want to talk!

Skye Orchard

I am a senior in the USU Theatre Department and will graduate this spring with a BFA in Sound Design. I was raised in an extremely LDS community and family; since coming out I have left the church. While coming out and the months following where extremely difficult for me as I dealt with depression, an eating disorder, and being cut off from financial and emotional support from my family, a year later I have overcome the first two and am slowly rebuilding relations with my family. I am now in a happy and committed relationship. Please feel free to message me with questions or if you just want to talk.

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