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Enchanted Modernities - Mysticism, Landscape & the American West

Caine College of the Arts and the Leverhulme Trust…


Produce Stand - USU Student Organic Farm

Join us every Wednesday for fresh organic produce,…


Letting Go - Dealing With Loss

In order to help students who have lost a relationship…


Healthy Sexuality

You can attend any one session or all five. What is…


Healthy Sexuality Workshop Series

This series of five workshops is designed to promote…

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Asian Student Association (ASA)

Our Mission

The mission of the Asian Student Association is to preserve the Asian culture, promote cross-cultural experience, and create a supportive learning environment. ASA shares the Asian culture through a weekly club meetings, awareness events, educational outreach, and community projects. The Asian Student Association is opened to the entire Utah State University campus and surrounding community.


ASA President: Merin Cook, merin.cook@gmail.com

ASA Vice President: Megan Anderson, meand21@msn.com

ASA Secretary: Amber Lam, amlaber@gmail.com

ASA Treasurer: Tony Kwok, anthony.kwok@aggiemail.usu.edu

ASA Historian: Tyler Draper, t.dra@aggiemail.usu.edu

ASA Activities Coordinator: David Chamorro, davidchamorro0@gmail.com

ASA Public Relations: Weston Lay, layweston@gmail.com

ASA Public Recruitment: Yuzhen Luo, yuzhen_luo@yahoo.com


Thursdays 5:30 pm TSC 3rd floor