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Alumni Recruiting Opportunities

Welcome Utah State University Alumni! We would love your help in finding students who will be a perfect fit at Utah State. After all, it takes an Aggie to know an Aggie.

Alumni Recruitment Program

The Alumni Recruitment Program is designed to help alumni get involved in the recruitment process. Working with prospective students is a fun and rewarding experience and the Office of Admissions wants to help alumni participate in sharing what Utah State University has to offer. Participating in the Alumni Recruitment Program is a great way to have this experience.

Each volunteer receives training, a handbook full of recruitment information, and a pad of referral cards to get started. Each month the volunteers will receive an e-newsletter to help inform them about upcoming recruitment activities for prospective students as well as special happenings on campus. All of these are given to the volunteer to help them feel informed when approaching prospective students. All volunteers will have the opportunity to get involved with their local Alumni Chapter.

Volunteers are asked to

  1. Find and refer prospective students to USU though our online referral website
  2. Keep a strong relationship with the students they refer and mentor them though the admissions process
  3. Attend recruitment events in their area when possible
  4. Contact the parents of admitted students in their area each spring to congratulate their family.

Volunteers are asked to serve for two years in order to experience two different recruitment cycles. The time commitment is small, 4-8 hours a year.

If you are interested in participating in the Alumni Recruitment Program, contact Jo Olsen, Alumni Recruitment Coordinator, at 435-797-8131 or

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