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Admissions Assessment

Mission Statement

Our mission is to recruit, admit, and enroll students who are the best fit for Utah State University; to maintain the livelihood of the university through programs and services; and achieve annual enrollment goals by keeping the individual student as our focus. We delight in serving as the front door to Utah State University and setting the tone for the unique experience awaiting our future and returning students.

Goals and Learning Outcomes

  1. Provide superior service and knowledgeable staff.
  2. Help our customers feel welcome and direct their paths in every way.
  3. Facilitate prospective students’ transition through timely and accurate information, personal advising, and Aggie pride.
  4. Develop and maintain relationships with students, parents, counselors, campus personnel, and the community.
  5. Secure the integrity of the University by providing equal opportunity and access for students, preserving fair requirements, and making just decisions.
  6. Encourage campus involvement in recruitment activities and coordinate the overall enrollment strategies for new students.
  7. Educate our audiences regarding the University’s mission and the benefits of an Aggie experience.
  8. Support and strengthen all efforts to promote and market Utah State University.
  9. Adhere to and carry the goals of University leadership.
  10. Keep the best interests, learning, and development of our students central to all we do.  

Goals (Objectives & Learning Outcomes) Assessment Tool (Criteria) Data Source Documentation Timeline Responsible Persons Map to Division Goals

University Enrollment - New student enrollment is tracked through applications, admits and enrolled numbers for incoming students (Freshmen and Transfers).  

Targeted goals for domestic/international, resident/nonresident, high ability, diversity, etc.
Ellucian CRM & Banner Reporting
  • AAA
  • Admissions Internal Recruitment Plan
  • USU Strategic Enrollment Plan
 Admissions for Fall 2018 Admissions Office with Administration and Campus Support Goal 4, 6 & 7

Recruitment Efforts - Recruitment Efforts for USU through events (Open Houses, On Campus Events, FB/BB Games, etc), Campus Tours, UT & ID Higher Ed Days, Ambassador recruitment efforts, marketing and publications.

Ellucian CRM Reporting Admissions Internal Recruitment Plan Fall 2017 - Summer 2017 Recruitment Staff & Student Ambassadors Goal 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5

Scholarships - Scholarship parameters and funding is determined yearly by the EEMC (Executive Enrollment Management Committee).

Ellucian CRM and Banner Reporting Budget Office and EEMC Documentation Scholarships for Fall 2018 Recruitment Staff Goal 4, 6 & 7

Residency - Residency is evaluated and approved according to the Utah State Residency Law and Guidelines.

Banner Reporting Utah State Residency Law, R512 Fall 2017, Spring 2018, Fall 2018 Residency Officer Goal 7
University Enrollment AAA Fall 2017 Report
Recruitment Efforts 2016-2017 Recruitment Efforts
  • 7,148 students/parents on campus tours
  • 3,017 students on special group tours
  • 1,526 students hosted at a football/basketball game
  • 5,889 students/parents at a USU Open House
  • 369 visits to high schools by a recruiter or ambassador
  • 852 students in attendance to Admitted Student Day
  • 658 students in attendance to USU Leadership Conference
  • All other events and efforts are listed and evaluated in the Internal Admissions Recruitment Plan
Scholarships Scholarships are evaluated yearly from the Admissions, Scholarship and Budget Office. EECM approves a scholarship budget each summer for the following recruitment year.
Residency 1,060 applications, with 10,500 documents were evaluated for Fall 2017, for residency for tuition purposes.
University Enrollment A University Strategic Enrollment Plan will be completed by summer 2018 with a 5-10 year enrollment goals and strategies
Recruitment Efforts Every year events and recruitment efforts are evaluated and goals set for improvement. Budgets and yields determine new markets and opportunities
Scholarships Scholarships are evaluated yearly from the Admissions, Scholarship and Budget Office. EECM approves a scholarship budget each summer for the following recruitment year.
Residency A new application is being built for Fall 2018 applicants, completion date is May 2018
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