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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Research Fellowship?

University Research Fellowships are designed for students who are interested in graduate or professional study following the undergraduate degree, who are ambitious, who may be interested in preparing for major fellowships such as the Rhodes, Truman, Goldwater, or Udall, and who "want to make a difference" in their communities and in the world. A fellowship, in contrast to a scholarship, offers students the experiential learning that will result in dividends when applying for graduate study. Research Fellows have a passion for their field of study and want to begin hands-on learning day one of their undergraduate career. Fellowships can be in any field of study at the university-agriculture to opera.

For those unsure of their career path, there are numerous ways to enter undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative activity throughout the undergraduate years. Simply put, a Research Fellowship may not be the right fit for every Scholar.

The Office of Research funds the Fellows' Program, and Dr. Bates, Associate Vice President of Research, oversees student research.

What does a fellow do?

A Fellowship is all about "hands-on learning." For some departments a student on fellowship might have immediate immersion in a lab or studio while for other departments, the student might be asked to attend some seminars, visit labs, meet with faculty mentor-and get their foundation courses in the field finished successfully.

Current Research Fellows have presented at state and national conferences, co-authored papers with their faculty mentors, and received grants for their creative, scholarly, or research investigations.

What happens to the student who cannot attend Scholars Day but wishes to interview for a Research Fellowhip?

Telephone interviews will be arranged for the students who have conflicting events.

When will fellows learn if they have been awarded a fellowship?

We plan to have the selections made shortly after Scholars Day. Fellows will receive a letter about their award, and we ask that they respond promptly.

Will there be designated alternates should some fellows decline the award?

The Fellowships are awarded to all the students who were successful in the interview and application. No alternates are designated. Each class of Research Fellows numbers about 30.

How will new fellows be matched with a Faculty Mentor?

Once fellows are on campus, they will work with the Associate Dean in their college to find a placement that fits their goals. Some colleges host a fall seminar that provides students with an overview of all programs.

What is the award for a Research Fellow?

Students receiving fellowships will receive $1000 annually, renewable based upon performance. The intangible rewards of working closely with a faculty mentor and getting your hands on research early are, of course, immeasurable.

What is the application process for a Research Fellowship?

Students interested in the fellowship submit the following:

  • An essay in which you address your interest in research, scholarship, or creative activity. This essay might also include a profile of your goals; what do you want to achieve academically? Socially? Personally? To what are you committed? Describe your interest in a particular field of study, or if you are still exploring various fields, enumerate those. You may also want to address why Utah State is a good fit for you, particularly for your field of study (e.g., Utah State has the only landscape architecture program in the state or programs in the College of Natural Resources are nationally known).
  • Apply to the Honors program
  • Questionnaire
  • Resume
  • Interview on Scholars Day

How can I prepare for the interviews?

The interview is not about your knowledge base in a particular field but about your interest in the field and getting a head start on research. Faculty interview teams will be focusing on one of two tracks: science OR arts, humanities, and social sciences. Students will be scheduled for one of those two emphases according to the first major listed on their Scholars Day registration.There are 5 interview times. Each interview session lasts approximately 20-25 minutes. About 5 students will be in each session.

What are the students doing when not interviewing?

The agenda of Scholars Day provides opportunities for students to listen to a panel of Research Fellows, to learn more about campus, and to hear from Honors.

I'd like to talk with a current Research Fellow in my intended major. Is that possible?

If you would like to link up with a current Fellow, please e-mail your preferred field(s) of study to Dr. Kinkead at Joyce.Kinkead@usu.edu, and she will put you in touch with one of the current Fellows.

What is Honors and why should I participate?

Watch This Video:

Honors Program