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Application for Research Fellowship

The Undergraduate Research Program offers Fellowships of $1,000 per year, renewable, to students in any field of study who are interested in beginning inquiry in sciences, engineering, social sciences, the arts, and humanities. The Fellowship is geared particularly to students who intend to pursue graduate studies in the future. Fellows work about 5-10 hours per week with a faculty mentor. Their projects typically result in professional presentations and/or publication. Students interested in applying for a Fellowship submit a 1-2 page essay on the following topic. In addition, they will participate in a group interview during Scholars Day. Read more about the Fellows Program and examples of current projects available.

Apply For A Fellowship

To apply for a fellowship email the following three items* to: vannessa.garcia@usu.edu Instructions for this material can be found below.

  • Fellowship Essay

    Essay Question: Please discuss your educational and career goals with particular emphasis on why you are interested in the field. When and how did you become interested in this area? What experiences have you had that have contributed to this interest? (Keep in mind that Fellows may be in any department or college of the university.) Where do you see this field leading you? How might having a Fellowship help you achieve your goals? While your personal goals are important, for this essay, we are specifically interested in hearing about your professional goals.
  • Your Resume

  • Honors Essay

    The Utah State University Honors Program admits students based on application. Students are asked to write an essay based on ONE of the questions that follow. Please write a 500-word essay in Word or another program and attach it to your email.
    1. You return to your room in the residence hall next fall, and on the floor just outside the door, you find a head of cabbage, a copy of The Complete Works of Shakespeare, and one additional object. In addition to revealing the identity of third object, explain how the cabbage, the book, and third object got there and their significance.
    2. What is the big question you like to think about or the most important issue you would like to engage while you are at USU? Why do you think this issue is important, and why should you study it? What kinds of knowledge and skills do you think you will need to further and deepen your study of this big question? This is not so much about an academic field or discipline, nor is it about your long-range plans; rather, we want to know about what intrigues you most deeply.

*Students interested in a Fellowship must also apply to Honors; thus, your email should include a total of two essays and your resume.