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Nonresident Transfer Scholarships

Academic deadline: February 1
Involvement/Need-based deadline: February 1

Academic scholarships will be awarded after the February 1 deadline. Because the number of scholarships is limited, students will be considered based on the GPA they have earned as of February 1. Consideration for academic scholarships will not be given to any applicant after February 1 unless students attend a USU Transfer Open House, excluding the nonresident waiver. Recent legislation has provided new nonresident waivers to students that meet the academic qualifications (see below). All multiple-year awards apply to nonresident tuition for the first year and resident tuition for any remaining year.

To be considered for scholarships applicants must:

  • Apply for a Fall semester
  • Be a US Citizen or have Permanent Resident Status
  • Attend Utah State University Logan Main Campus
  • Have an intent to graduate from Utah State University
  • Major in a USU program (i.e. students majoring in nursing from Weber State are not eligible for Utah State University sponsored scholarships)
  • Completed a minimum of 24 post-high school credits at time of the scholarship deadline. AP, concurrent enrollment, or in-progress credits do not count toward the minimum credit requirement or GPA
  • Be a new, first-time student to Utah State University. Returning students and Distance Education students do not qualify for academic scholarships. Concurrent enrollment and USU Eastern students are still eligible for scholarships

All multiple-year awards apply to nonresident tuition for the first year and resident tuition for remaining years. Students are encouraged to gain residency during their first year.

Scholarships will be awarded based on the amount of credits and GPA earned as of February 1st. No academics scholarships will be awarded to students applying after February 1st.

Academic Scholarships


2 years, full tuition and student body fees
4.0 cumulative GPA
Deadline: February 1


2 years, full tuition
3.8-3.99 cumulative GPA minimum
Deadline: February 1


2 years, Approximately $12,000 first year; $3,000 second year
3.6-3.79 cumulative GPA minimum
Deadline: February 1

Nonresident Waiver

1 year, Approximately $12,000
3.2-3.59 cumulative GPA minimum
Deadline: August 1

100-Mile Radius

1 year, Approximately $9,000
3.0-3.19 cumulative GPA minimum
Attended a high school within 100 miles of USU Logan Campus [see which schools]
Deadline: February 1

Eligible Schools


  • Aberdeen
  • American Falls
  • Bear Lake
  • Blackfoot
  • Burley
  • Century
  • Declo
  • Firth
  • Grace
  • Highland
  • Malad
  • Marsh Valley
  • Minico
  • North Gem
  • Oakley
  • Pocatello
  • Preston
  • Raft River
  • Rockland
  • Shelley
  • Shoshone-Bannock
  • Snake River
  • Soda Springs
  • West Side


  • Big Piney
  • Cokeville
  • Evanston
  • Green River
  • Kemmerer
  • Lyman
  • Mountain View
  • Star Valley

Other Scholarships

University Ambassador

Deadline: February 1
1 year renewable up to 2 years, full tuition and student body fees
3.2 GPA/48 credits minimum
Portfolio and separate application required
University Ambassador Application

Legacy Waiver

Deadline: August 1
4 years, nonresident differential ($12,000)
At least one parent or grandparent who graduated from USU
Separate application


Separate application required


Separate application required


Deadline: February 1
See Alumni website for details