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Ultimate Aggie Experience

February 21

1:00-10:00 pm (after the basketball game)

If you are a high school junior or sophomore, this program will be your crash course in college prep. You'll discover campus life at Utah State, find the academic program that fits your goals and attend an Aggie basketball game. You've only got one chance to come so don't miss out! The cost is $15 which includes an Aggie basketball ticket, Aggie t-shirt, campus tour, dinner, and of course our famous Aggie Ice Cream. It doesn't get better than that!

Parents are not required to attend, but are invited. Basketball game tickets are $5.00 per parent, dinner is $7.00 per parent. (For both dinner and a basketball ticket it would be $12.00)

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Register for Ultimate Aggie Experience

This event is full and registration is closed. We would still like to see you on campus! We give campus tours daily. You can sign up for a tour here. There will also be more events you can attend this fall. Check them out here.