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USU Annual Advisor Conferences

University Advising provides an Annual Advisor Conference on campus that is also broadcast to remote RCDE sites. The conference addresses current topics related to advisor issues, interests, available tools and techniques, latest developments in student policies and procedures, majors and programs, etc.

Each year (effective 2012) the available presentations and addresses are made accessible for easy reference and review.

2014 Conference

  • Conference Schedule
  • Keynote Speaker
    • Marvin Roberts, Assistant Vice President for Student Engagement and Diversity – “Do You Know Me?”
  • Workshop Session I
    • Student GPS: Navigating Successfully from Orientation to Graduation – Su Lin Nelson, Learning Specialist, Dennis Kohler, Director, Academic Resource Center
    • Looking Through the Cultural Lens of International Students – Nancy Hyde, Program Coordinator for International Admissions, Office of Global Engagement, Rob Llewellyn, Immigration Advisor, Office of Global Engagement, LJ Flores, Staff Assistant, Office of Global Engagement
    • USU Student Services Networking Panel – Moderator: Bryan Olsen, Academic Advisor, University Advising
  • Workshop Session II
    • Regional Campuses 101 – Moderator: Jessica Olson, Advisor Coordinator, Regional Campuses & Distance Education
    • Seeing People, Hearing Their Voices – Rachel Brighton, Nontraditional Program Director, Access & Diversity Center
    • Uncharted Territory: Navigating Your Start as a Presenter or Publisher in Academic Advising – Taylor Adams, Academic Advisor, College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences
  • Workshop Session III
    • Student Rapport: It’s What You Do That Counts – Kaylee Roholt, Academic Advisor, ASTE
    • Transgender: Beyond Identity – Reid Furniss, Academic Advisor, College of Humanities and Social Science Advising Office Melanie Bowen, Registrar’s Office
    • Effective Use of E-mail to Serve Students and Save You Time – Tressa Haderlie, Academic Advisor, Psychology Department, Becca Bowman, Academic Advisor, Psychology Department

2013 Conference

  • Keynote Speaker
    • Dennis Kohler, Director, Academic Resource Center – “Cultivating the Good Idea: A Small-Step Approach to Making Big Impacts”
  • Workshop Session I
    • Su Lin Nelson – Strength to Succeed, (PowerPoint), (Acrobat pdf).
    • Nancy Hyde – Understanding the International Students We Advise
    • Mykel Beorchia – The RTI Model: Using Data to Advise all Students
  • Workshop Session II
    • Norm Jones – A Degree is More than a Major: Explaining USU's Degree Profile (PowerPoint), (Acrobat pdf).
    • Lauri Merrill, Susan Williams – Expanding the Introvert, Directing the Extrovert (PowerPoint), (Acrobat pdf).
    • Bryan Olsen – Discussion Panel: Interacting with a Diverse Student Population
  • Workshop Session III
    • Niki Weight – I Have an App for That: Sharing iPad Apps that Work Well for Advising
    • Taylor Adam – Networking Session: Canvas

2012 Conference