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Outstanding Advising Program Award

The Outstanding Advising Program Award is given to recognize programs that document innovative and/or exemplary practices resulting in improvement of academic advising services.


Evidence of an outstanding program will include, but is not limited to, the qualities listed below. In addition, program description, suitability for dissemination, and adherence to program guidelines are key factors in the selection.

  1. Innovative Quality - Represents new approaches to effective academic advising. If a program has been implemented elsewhere but is new to USU, it is eligible.
  2. Creativity - Demonstrates creative use of resources (human, fiscal, and physical) in the delivery of academic advising services.
  3. Currency - Addresses current problems and issues in academic advising.
  4. Institutional Commitment - Demonstrates commitment to advising throughout the institution.
  5. Impact - Provides definitive evidence of positive student and/or institutional outcomes.
  6. Transferability - Applicable to a wide variety of institutions. Strong interpersonal skills

Nominate an Outstanding Advising Program:

Selection Committee:

A selection committee will be created from University staff and students who are not affiliated with the programs that are nominated. Stephanie Hamblin, Director of University Advising, will serve as a liaison between the nominees and the selection committee. The winner will receive a plaque and be nominated for a national advising program award.