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Student Related Reports


There are student reports that meet the needs of advisors and departments. These reports also supply student enrollment data for Colleges and Regional Campuses. The data source is the Banner Warehouse updated each workday evening from the Access (Banner) system.

Student Reports and Samples

  1. Student Reports and Tools Tutorial. Shows how to: logon, run and view reports, report samples, GPA Calculator samples, Yearly Planner sample, and Computing GPA's.
  2. Report Descriptions and Samples. This is a list of sample reports with descriptions. Access the report samples by clicking on the worksheet names.

Warehouse Access

To use the reports, obtain the authorization necessary and the reports will be shared with you:

  1. Obtain the form and follow the instructions from this source: Warehouse Authorization Form
  2. When you receive an e-mail notification from the Registrar's office, the reports have been shared with you.

Warehouse Training

Discoverer Viewer training is available online. Access and link to the Discoverer Viewer Tutorial.

To create reports, Discoverer Plus training is available. Access and follow the links under Banner Training.