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Leave of Absence FAQ

What is a Leave of Absence?

At some point in your career at Utah State University, you may need to take some time away from your studies; you may need to take a leave of absence from school. Common reasons students take leaves include serving a humanitarian or religious mission, medical problems, financial and employment related opportunities, military service, or family responsibilities.

If you find that you need to take a leave of absence for one or more semesters (other than a summer term,) then you must file a Leave of Absence. Filing is easy! Go to (Note: International Students should go to the Office of Global Engagement in MS 115 to start the process. Graduate students should go to Main 164.)

USU allows leaves up to one year for any reason. For students needing to leave longer than one year, allowances will be made for military activation, humanitarian or religious service, and some other extenuating circumstances.

In most cases, students who take the initiative to file a leave of absence will NOT have to apply for readmission. Additionally, students who file a leave of absence will have their scholarships placed on hold, and will continue to have their USU e-mail accounts. During your leave, USU will remind you of your scheduled return date, and you simply need to verify that you are returning when planned - it's that easy!

When can I take a Leave of Absence?

A student can apply for a leave of absence any time before or during the semester they plan to leave USU. Students must apply for a leave of absence for a current semester by the last day of classes, not the last day of finals, for that semester. Students applying during the same semester they plan to leave may want to discuss refund policies and grading with their academic advisors first.

What steps must I take before I leave the University?

  1. Meet with your academic advisor to review the general education and major requirements you will need to fulfill upon your return.
  2. If you have any incomplete grades or questions and concerns about your grades, meet with your instructors immediately.
  3. If you anticipate needing to have a parent or another designated person act as your delegate in your absence, you will need to go to and choose the “Securityphrase” option in order to give them access to your account
  4. File your Leave of Absence online at

What is the process for returning from a leave?

Returning from your leave is easy. You will receive a letter and an e-mail welcoming you back to USU, just before priority registration of the semester that you are scheduled to return. Because you took the initiative to file a Leave of Absence, in most cases, you will not need to apply for readmission; you are still a student at Utah State University. Simply call the Leave of Absence Office at 435-797-1132, or send an email to to verify that you are returning.

Do I still need to file a Leave of Absence if I am dropping for one semester only?

Yes, but it is easy. Use the Leave of Absence form at and select the options that best suit your situation. From this site, you can also drop your final class in any given semester.

I am going to attend another school, but I want to return to USU. What do I do?

Generally speaking, students who will attend another institution, even if the plan is to return to USU (and we hope it is) must withdraw by using the site. With extremely few exceptions, students cannot be admitted to two schools simultaneously (summer semester excluded). If you have questions, please visit with the Leave of Absence Office in TSC 105, or contact

If I am an international student, with whom do I need to talk about taking a Leave of Absence?

International students must contact the International Students and Scholars Office (MS 115) before requesting a Leave of Absence.

Why must I have approval from the University to take a Leave of Absence?

Utah State University is committed to the academic success of its students. Students who take a leave may experience difficulties that may delay their progress toward graduation. The University wishes to ensure that students fully understand all the ramifications of taking a Leave of Absence. Additionally, Utah State University encourages each student to develop a plan for returning and completing his or her degree. The approval process is intended to accomplish these purposes.

What process must I follow to place my scholarship on hold during my Leave of Absence?

Simply file your Leave of Absence online at, and your scholarship will be placed on hold. If you have questions, please feel free to visit the Financial Aid Office (TSC 106), or call them at 435-797-0173. A scholarship hold will be processed after a student has completed his or her last semester before leaving. Verification will be made after the semester to ensure that the student has fulfilled the requirements for the scholarship. Once that verification has been made, a confirmation of the scholarship hold will be sent to the student.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

Student Orientation and Transition Services
Taggart Student Center 105
Logan, UT 84322-0114