After School-Summer Programs

Register Now for the Cache Children's Choir Summer Music Camps!  Below is a link for more information.

Also look at the two links to view the brochure for the Cache Children's Choir as an option for an after school activity for your children.  Dr. Sylvia Munsen Artistic Director and Conductor (435)752-6260




Todd Milovich Access and Diversity USU:  Community outreach for middle School children

After school programs are available for 2 hours after school is out at Mount Logan, South Cache, North Cache, Cedar Ridge, White Pine, and Willow Valley and the Elementary schools.  For High school there is a team program that works on leadership activities and volunteer services.  Latinos in Action at all high schools.

Utah State University also has a mentor program available for youth ages 6-12.  Contact USU PALS for more information.

Find fun summer activities for your child/children on the link below:


Smart-Girl is a curriculum and activity based program for girls ages 11-15, with additional mentoring opportunities for girls 16-26. Connect to the links below to find out more about this exciting after school program.  For more information contact Konie Humphreys Aggie Care Coordinator at (435)797-3052 or Smart-Girl empowers preteen and teen girls to make smart choices and become confident, capable, self-reliant young women.