Ellen Millburn

Busibee Family Childcare

Logan, Utah


Aggie CARE Provider since December 2008
NAFCC Accredited since July 2011
Child Development Associates Credential since June 2003
Total Training Hours since June 2011 519 hours
Licensed since January 1995

Mission Statement:
To provide a safe and loving environment to all the children. To encourage the children to explore, imagine, and express their personal differences. Busibee Family Child Care strives to provide children with the best care available, by offering a clean, safe, and nurturing environment with age appropriate learning activities. I am always striving to improve by taking children development classes and continuing my education. I also believe in making strong connections between child care and home to help children feel a sense of belonging and help the parents feel more at ease with leaving their children. I accomplish this with newsletters and constant communication with parents.

A Little About Me:
I have lived in Logan since 1986. I moved here to attend Utah State University. I met my husband here and this is were we settled to have a family. We were married in July 1987. I have two children: Veronnica was born in 1991 and Mychal was born in 1994.

My favorite pass time is to read. I love books of all kinds but mysteries are at the top of my list. I also enjoy stamping cards and scrapbooking. I love being with my family and friends. I also enjoy doing work for my church. I belong to the LDS church and have served in many different positions but mostly in positions working with children or training other adults to teach children.