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Nanny Care Web Resources

The Aggie Care Coordinator is happy to post a Nanny position on Career Aggie for any faculty, staff or student.  Please contact Konie Humphreys at for help in finding a nanny.
This website offers information on nannies in this area. Simply enter your zip code and you will have local choices for nannies. This requires you to register for their services. They offer a free basic option to view limited information along with other options which require a subscription fee. Under the link articles and resources is an excellent resource in answering basic questions in your search.
This website offers information on nannies in this area. It requires registration with  subscription costs.  It offers the ability to preview prior to subscribing. Under the contact link, you can find online help files that include information on interviews, background checks and other useful information.  the link, ‘LIBRARY AND FAQ’s’ has an excellent section called helpful forms and tools which include sample agreements.  There is also valuable information concerning hiring information and tips. Offers a nanny payroll service for a fee. 
 Nanny agency links available to the Ogden office. Offers a 7 day trial to view information on nannies in this area. Offers services in pet care, elderly care, and other options.
Excellent resource document entitles “Hiring a Nanny Your Tax Responsibly as an Employer" by Tom Copeland, PDF link 

Nanny Packet Information

If you are interested in applying to become a nanny for USU employees please complete the online application.