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Aggie Student Recreation and Wellness Projects

“Colleges and universities commonly use their recreation facilities as campus centerpieces both to attract new students as well as to keep current students happy and healthy. They invest a great deal in these initiatives…” Recreation Management, June 2009

In 2009, USU began an effort to develop new student recreation and wellness facilities on the Logan campus, named the Aggie Recreation Center (ARC) and Aggie Legacy Fields. These facilities would support an expanded vision of student recreation and wellness, providing diverse and integrated amenities within a central complex in the heart of the campus. The new facilities would include a modern recreation center and artificial turf playing fields. Located at a prominent site on the Logan campus, the ARC and Aggie Legacy Fields would be an integral element of the campus core.

The Aggie Legacy Fields project was completed and opened for Fall Semester of 2012. The Agglie Recreation Center project is under construction. Explore the links to the left to discover the "What", "Why", "When", "How" and "Where" of the new student recreation and wellness facilities.