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Site for the USU Student Recreation & Wellness Center

The site for the USU Student Recreation & Wellness Center (SRWC) will be the open lot west of HPER and north of the Nelson Field House. The site, which is owned by the university, is located on the corner of 700 North (Aggie Bull-evard) and 800 East. This is the optimal location for the building because it provides a close physical connection to HPER and supports student success by allowing students to attend HPER classes and avail themselves of the recreational and wellness opportunities in the SRWC between classes in an extremely convenient manner.

The same is true about the site and its relationship to the Field House and the Taggart Student Center (TSC). The close proximity of the SRWC to these facilities will further support the synergy between the student activities that are held in the Field House and the TSC and those new programmatic offerings that will be provided by the SRWC. This synergy will further contribute to important student outcomes in the academic arena as well as increased retention and graduation rates. Furthermore, the location for the new SRWC is significant because the site is a prime entrance or gateway to the university. The new building will enhance the campus visitor’s experience presenting USU as a cutting-edge, vibrant, and student-centered community.

USU Student Recreation & Wellness Center site