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USU Alumni Spotlight - Reba Jo Teran

Reba Teran

Reba Jo Teran has been working on assembling an Eastern Shoshone Language dictionary since early 2002. With the help of tribal elders Roberta Engavo, Manfred Guina Sr., and her own sister, Beatrice Haukass, Reba has compiled audio recordings of over 14,000 Shoshone words, to accompany the written dictionary. She has also been constructing a multimedia Shoshone language course, elements of which she will be teaching this fall at the University of Wyoming.

Reba was recruited to attend Utah State by Mike Pratt, who at the time was the director of the USU Indian program and coach of an intramural, Native American basketball team. Upon arrival at USU, Reba played for Pratt's team, known as the "Sun Devils". The team sponsored Native American basketball tournaments held at USU and, one year, even won the prestigious Logan City League basketball tournament.

For a time, Reba continued her undergraduate studies through the USU extension service in Roosevelt, UT. Graduating with a bachelor's degree in Parks & Recreation in 1993, Reba went on to obtain a Masters degree in Instructional Technology in 1996. The technological expertise Reba gained from her Masters program has helped make her current project a reality.

To help fund her graduate studies, Reba worked part time with the Utah State Extension Service office on campus. She also served as the president of the on-campus, Native American Student Association for two years.

Reba currently serves as the Eastern Shoshone language coordinator for the Wind River Indian Reservation. Active in the Native American community, Reba has participated as both a master, and as an apprentice, with the Wyoming Art Council's Folk and Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Project. For three years, she has been involved as a language presenter at the annual Shoshonean/Uto-Aztecan Reunion, an annual event where many tribes gather to share different aspects of their individual cultures. She is also actively participates in giving cultural presentations, in conjunction with local Wyoming high schools and the Buffalo Bill Historical Center located in Cody, WY.

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USU's 119th Commencement


Utah State University's Spring Commencement for 2008 was held in the Dee Glen Smith Spectrum on Saturday, May 3rd. It was the University's 119th undergraduate commencement ceremony. James Quigley, CEO of Deloitte and Touche Tohmatsu, was the chosen commencement speaker, while Drew Braithwaite, College of Natural Resources Valedictorian, served as the student speaker. In addition to the over 2,000 degrees bestowed, several prestigious teaching awards and honorary degrees were also presented during the ceremony. For more information, please visit the Commencement 2008 website.

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USU College of Education renamed

USU college of education

USU recently announced that its esteemed College of Education will be renamed the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services. Emma Eccles Jones was Logan's first kindergarten teacher, and is remembered for her strong belief in education, kind heart, and progressive attitude. A national leader in early childhood education, research, and development, the USU College of Education and Human Services was also the recipient of a $25 million gift from the Emma Eccles Jones Foundation in December 2007. FULL STORY

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Alumni sets goal: 4,000 "A" plates in 2008

This article will appear monthly with updates on our plate numbers

USU Alumni Association

The Alumni Association has sponsored the "A" plate program since the Spring or 2000. The point of this program has one financial purpose, to provide scholarships to legacy students.

Who are legacy students and how can they qualify for a scholarship? Legacy students are the children or grandchildren of Aggies, your kids and grand kids. These scholarships are given by all of our Alumni Chapters to the legacy students from their respective areas, for example the Salt Lake County chapter will award scholarships to students only from Salt Lake County.

USU Alumni Association

How does the "A" plate fit into all of this? In addition to showing your pride in USU, the $25 plate fee is a donation that goes 100 percent directly into the scholarship fund for the county in which your car is registered.

But can my $25 really make a difference? Last year the Alumni Association awarded over $190,000 in legacy scholarships. Nearly half of that funding came from the "A" plate program and Alumni like you making the choice to show your pride and support scholarships.

How can I get an "A" Plate? We have made it easy for you. We have made the "A" plate available in every motor vehicle department throughout Utah, you can bring in your current registration and they will give you a new plate right on the spot (The DMV adds a one time $10 transfer fee). You don't even have to wait for your renewal to come up. If you want to make the donation directly to the Alumni office, you can visit our "A" plate page here and we will send you the form to take to the DMV. If you are buying a car from a new or used car dealer, simply ask them for "A" plates when you are finishing the paper work and they will take care of the rest for you.

The Alumni Association has set a goal in 2008 to end the year with 4,000 "A" plates on the roads in Utah. This will provide at least $100,000 to give back to the legacy scholarship program. As of March 2008 we have over 3,480 plates. If you don't have a plate but have always thought about it, now is the time.

Do you have a custom "A" plate and want to show it off? Click here.

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Alumni online community iPod giveaway


The Alumni Associations new online community, launched last month, has already seen more than 1,100 people register and the formation of 40 groups. Many of those on have already renewed relationships and begun to network. As a thank you to all who have an as encouragement to those who haven't, the Alumni Association will be giving away three 1 GB iPod shuffles and one Grand Prize 8 GB iPod touch! To be eligible all you need to do is register and make at least one connection with another Alum. We will pick the winners on June First and notify them through their incircle contact info.

The online community, known simply as USU inCircle, allows you to search for fellow alumni by city, employer, industry, class year, and more. It also will allow you to post and search employment listings, join and form alumni and interest groups, register for events, and discuss just about anything you want to.

The new community is open to all who attended (including current students), graduated from, or work at USU. In all over 140,000 people are currently pre-registered. Within the first week there was a range of registered users over 40 class years apart. To visit and set up your account go to, or from the Alumni homepage click the online community link.

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New Ag building Named after Matthew Hillyard

USU Education

Photo by: Alan Murray/Herald Journal

For many years Senator Lyle Hillyard has been a champion for the causes of USU. With the opening of the new state-of-the-art Agriculture building came the opportunity for USU to say thank you. The new building has been named the Matthew Hillyard Animal Teaching and Research Center. Many of you know Matt and the love he has for USU. A full story can be seen at the Herald Journal's website by clicking here.

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A couple of students look over the "island" and what today is the cliffside development


Utah State University Alumni Relations sponsors many exciting events throughout the year. To keep informed about the most current ones, visit often.

Aggie family day at Lagoon

Aggie family day at Lagoon will happen this year after a long absence. The date will be July 17th. Mark your calendars today. Details available here

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Chapter News

For more information about these and other alumni chapters and to find the chapter in your area, visit

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Kragthorpe Honored By Utah Chapter Of The National Football Foundation

Scott Barnes

Former Alumni Association Director and and current Utah State special assistant to the athletic director Dave Kragthorpe was honored by the Utah Chapter of the National Football Foundation Wednesday night at the chapter's 14th Annual Awards Banquet. Kragthorpe was recognized for his contribution to amateur football in Utah.

Other recipients of the honor include USU alumni LaVell Edwards (1949-51) in 2001 and Chris Pella (1963-64) in 2003. FULL STORY>>

Athletics "town meetings"

USU womens gymnastics

In an effort to meet as many Aggies as possible and answer questions you may have relative to our future plans, the athletics department will host a series of �town meetings� throughout the valley and in northern Utah. The schedule for these meetings will be:

    Wednesday, May 21 6 p.m. Logan Golf and Country Club, 710 North 1500 East, Logan
    Thursday, May 22 6 p.m. USU Box Elder County Extension, 195 West 1100 South, Brigham City

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Travel Opportunities

New England Fall Foliage Cruise

October 4 - 11, 2008

For complete details click here.

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