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USU Alumni Spotlight - Daisy Scott Daisy Scott

Spotlight by Liz Wilson

Aggie graduate Daisy Scott recently added the Lotoja Bike race to her list of athletic achievements. The 206 mile bike race she completed last year was one of the many personal goals Daisy has worked to accomplish. While attending USU, Daisy made goals as well to go above and beyond normal standards of achievement. One of her goals was to graduate in 3 years and she did everything she could to accomplish it. Daisy graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education in 1998. "I learned a lot about myself in college," Daisy said. "I learned that I could do anything if I just put my mind to it."

Becoming an accomplished athlete was one goal that Daisy set out to complete during and after her college career. As a college student, Daisy made time to run track on the Aggie team. Her Father, Steve Reeder, was her coach during her years here and she credits much of her good experiences on the team to his influence. Daisy ran cross country and long distance which gave her a solid foundation for her interest in running marathons. To date, Daisy has completed the Ironman Saint George, The Boston Marathon, the Lotoja bike race and she has run in the St. George Marathon 8 times. Setting goals was an integral part of Daisy's plan to complete these races. She advises others to be sure to write down their goals. "The planning and work come once the goal is made," Daisy advised, "It has been important for me to not only make goals but also to surround myself with people that will help me achieve them. When I decided I wanted to do the Ironman Triathlon, I had never even ridden more than a few miles on a bike. ..My family was very supportive of the time I had to invest in training each week."

When she was not competing in long distance races, Daisy was working hard in the Elementary Education program with an emphasis in Math. Both her parents are teachers and their examples led to her decision to go into teaching as well. Her decision to be a teacher also came from her desires for her future family. "Being a mom first was important to me," Daisy explained, "and I thought teaching would be a great choice for a mother." Daisy has become both a mother and a Middle school teacher since her days at USU. She used her love of Education to teach at the Middle School level for several years. Currently she is devoting her time to her family and her races. She and her husband (also an Aggie '98) are the parents of four daughters.

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Aggies Well Represented in Boise at the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl Recap

Aggie fans took Boise by storm on December 17 in anticipation of seeing the USU football team end a 13 year postseason drought in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. Hundreds of Aggies attended the USU pre-game party held in Taco Bell Arena. Adorned in blue, white and silver, and hundreds of balloons, the arena was the central gathering place for fans to get ready for the game. Aggies enjoyed a delicious potato bar while the band, lokalgrown, entertained the crowd.

"It was fun to be back in Boise again," said Executive Director of Alumni Relations, Patty Halaufia "I was able to work on the pre-game event we did back in 1997 and it was great to be a part of a Bowl event again."

Led by Wild Bill, the marching band and the Aggie spirit squad made an appearance at the pre-game party and lead the crowd in the Scotsman and fight song.

Concerning the future of the USU football program, Halaufia said. "I know that we will be heading back to Boise or some other great destination soon and look forward to having Aggies get together at an event such as the one we had this year in Boise. Over 2,000 excited Aggie's participated in the pre-game events and we know those numbers will continue to grow with the success of the football program."

Click here to view photos from the USU pre-game party and other events before the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl

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Utah State Honored at Halftime of Wichita State Game Alumni Scholarship

On December 10 Utah State was honored at a pre-game gathering and at halftime of the Wichita State basketball game for its compassionate response to a tragedy that struck Wichita State in 1970. Members of both football teams were present at the pre-game dinner and halftime presentation where a plaque commemorating the event was presented to Utah State. Patty Halaufia, Executive Director of USU Alumni Relations, was also present. She said, "I was proud to represent those USU players and the whole community who showed its true humanity to another group during its most difficult time. I was proud to be a part the Aggie community who represents the best in human kindness."

The plaque presented to Utah State reads, "In remembrance of the tragic Wichita State plane crash on October, 2 1970 and commemoration of Utah State's compassionate response and continued kindness. On October 2, 1970, a plane carrying WSU football players, the head coach, administrators, and boosters to a game at Utah State, crashed in the mountains in Colorado, claiming 31 lives. A second plane, carrying the remainder of the football players and coaches, arrived safely in Logan. Upon their arrival, they were shown incredible kindness and compassion from Utah State, which will always hold a special place in the hearts of all those touched by this tragedy. This plaque therefore, is given in deepest appreciation for Utah State's actions at the darkest hour in Wichita State's history. These universities are forever bound by what they shared that day. Thank You, Utah State."

The plaque will be put on permanent display at Romney Stadium. Click here to view the plaque and pictures from the halftime presentation.

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Dale Brown Documentary Recap

A documentary about Dale Brown, a former Utah State assistant basketball coach, was recently released. Man in the Glass: The Dale Brown Story documents Coach Brown's life both on and off the basketball court. According to the movie website, the documentary is the "inspiring story of a truly unique man on a life-long quest to answer the question: how much can one man really do?"

In addition to the documentary, Brown's book, Getting Over the Four Hurdles of Life was recently released by Acadian House.

Click here for more information about the documentary. Click here for more information about the book.

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Utah State University Greats: Head in the Clouds, Feet on the Ground USU Greats

Cirrus clouds, stratus clouds, cumulus clouds – since ancient times, people have gazed skyward and pondered fluffy wisps of white and angry, gray thunderheads.

Utah State University Goldwater Scholar Jodie Barker-Tvedtnes looks beyond the Earth’s visual atmosphere to the mesosphere, where the highest clouds, polar mesospheric clouds or PMCs, form at the edge of space.

“PMCs are ice clouds that form in the summer months near the extremely cold mesopause region – some 50 miles above the earth,” says Barker-Tvedtnes, physics major and Willard L. Eccles Undergraduate Research Fellow. “From the ground, these noctilucent or ‘night-shining’ clouds are only visible during twilight hours at high latitudes.”

In addition to her previous academic accolades, Barker-Tvedtnes’ was honored with a 2008 Outstanding Student Award for Undergraduate Research from the Society for Physics Students. One of just three undergrads in the nation honored with the award, she receives an all-expenses-paid trip to the International Conference of Physics Students in Cracow, Poland, in August 2008.


Read more Utah State University Greats here.

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Old to New, USU Switches to Harris Online Directory Switch from inCircle to Harris O.L.D.

Out with the old and in with the new. Utah State University Alumni Association has made a switch from using the online community inCircle to using Harris Connect's Online Directory as a way to help USU Alumni stay connected with the university and with each other. The Online Directory allows users to search for classmates, update their profile and their information with USU, stay up-to-date with upcoming Utah State events, and register for events easily with autofill registration options.

For more information on joining the Harris Online Directory click here.

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Featured Alumni Benefit - Hewlett-Packard Featured Benefit

HP Academy is HP's exclusive online store for education discounts on computing and printing products. Alumni, students, faculty, and parents can receive discounts up to 10% off starting prices on all HP and Compaq consumer products.

Order today from

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The Alumni Scholarship Program Alumni Scholarship

Alumni Legacy Scholarships are in place to assist children and grandchildren of alumni who wish to attend Utah State University. Aplications for the 2012-13 academic year are now available. Deadline to apply is February 1, 2012.

For more information and to apply for this and other scholarships click here.

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Nonresident Legacy Waiver Alumni Legacy Nonresident Waiver

Keep the Aggie tradition alive!

Did you earn a degree from USU? You can now send your child to Utah State and their out-of-state tuition differential will be waived. Stay connected through the next generation of Aggies. We'd love to have them here!

To qualify for the Nonresident Legacy Waiver, a future Aggie must:

* Be admitted to Utah State University.
* Have at least one parent who earned an associate degree or higher from Utah State University (verification required).
* Enroll at USU as a first-time student.

Time spent in Utah on the Alumni Legacy Nonresident Waiver cannot be counted towards establishing resident student status. If you would like to discuss other options, please email Tad Sorenson at

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1942: Intercollegiate Knights

Front row (L to R): D. Bagley, J. Plowman, K. Howard, H. Blazer, L. Seehltzer, J. Fitzgerald, C. Beilo, T. Hymas

Second row (L to R): N. Ormand, L. Stoker, C. Jacobs, O. Burnham, B. Cuff, G. Madsen, B. Barron

Third row (L to R): J. Hamilton, G. Huffaker, N. Sonne, B. Nelson, R. Lutz, D. Egbert, B. Hodgsen

Forth row (L to R): L. Bingham, D. Bowen, B. Caseman, P. Sharp, L. Wilson, L. Livingston

Buzzers are available online! Click here to go to the Buzzer Yearbooks Collection at the USU Digital Library.

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Pre-Game Event in Seattle Aggie Pre-Game

Come visit with other Aggies before the USU vs Seattle basketball game.

  • Date: Thursday, January 19, 2012
  • Pre-Game Time: 5:30 pm
  • Tip-Off Time: 7 pm
  • Location: Champions Room in KeyArena (Map)
  • Cost: Pre-game event: $20, Game tickets: $14
  • RSVP: January 16, 2012 Register online here

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Utah County Sweetheart Dinner Aggie Events

Lightwood Duo is excited to come and participate at the 2012 Utah County Sweetheart Dinner. Master musicians Mike Christiansen (guitar) and Eric Nelson (clarinet) have entertained thousands of people throughout the western United States. Christiansen heads the guitar program at Utah State University and is an author/clinician for Mel Bay Publications. Nelson is the band director at Spring Creek Middle School and is an artist/endorser for Yamaha clarinets. They have worked together since 1985. You won't want to miss this special evening and performance!

Come and enjoy an evening with Aggies from Utah County at the Annual Sweetheart Dinner. All proceeds go to the Utah County Alumni Scholarship Fund.

  • Date: Saturday, February 11, 2012
  • Time: 6:30 - 8:30 pm Catered Dinner and Special Performance
  • Location: Historic Utah County Courthouse, 51 S University Avenue, Provo Utah
  • Cost: $45 for couple, $25 for individual
  • RSVP: Register online here Limited Seating. Register soon!

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WAC Tournement 2012 Aggie Events

Celebrate the WAC Basketball Tournament with the Utah State University Alumni Association. Friday's Tournament Party will feature light finger foods along with a performance by the Aggie Spirit Squad and Pep Band - all for only $10 per person if you make your reservation by March 7 (cost will be $15 after March 7 and at the door). Don't forget Saturday's Pre-game Rally where you can make your own game signs, get pumped up for the game and enjoy Famous Aggie Ice Cream. Make your reservation today!

  • Party Dates: Friday, March 9 and Saturday, March 10
  • Location: Orleans Hotel, Dauphine Room ( 4500 W Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV
  • Cost: $10 if registered by March 7, 2012. $15 after March 7 and at the door, so please register early
  • RSVP: Tuesday, March 7, 2012 Register online here

Join us for the Utah State University Golf Tournament on Friday, March 9 at Angel Park ( RSVP by March 7, 2012. Register online here

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Machu Picchu & The Wonders of the Rainforest: Aug 26 - Sept 4 , 2012 Machu Picchu

Is Machu Picchu on your list of "must see" destinations? Don't miss this opportunity to visit the fascinating land of Peru with visits to Lima, Puerto Maldonado, Cusco, and Machu Picchu. Discovered in 1911 by American Explorer Hiram Bingham, Machu Picchu is one of the most renowned examples of Incan architecture. Thrill to the sights and sounds of the Amazon Rain Forest, watch Red-bellied Macaws near Lake Sandoval (an area known for its abundant wildlife), or explore the ancient history that makes up this enchanting land. View the brochure for complete itinerary and pricing.

Click here to download the tour brochure.

Click here to download the tour registration form.

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Italian Reflections Luxury Cruise: November 7-15, 2012 Photo by Margan Zajdowicz

Explore Europe from Athens to Barcelona.

Immerse yourself in Capri, with its stunning panoramas. Spend a day in Rome reveling in magnificent monuments from the Colosseum to the splendor of St. Peter's Basilica and Michelangelo's breathtaking frescoes in the Sistine Chapel. Explore the fabled architecture of Renaissance Florence. See the sights and enjoy the views of historic old Marseille and visit the charming fishing port of Cassis. Pre-registration is going on now.

Click here to download the brochure.

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Tahitian Jewels - Oceania Cruises: Jan 27 - Feb 7, 2013 Photo by Margan Zajdowicz

Savor the tropical splendor of emerald-green palms, white sand beaches, and brilliant turquoise waters as you sail aboard the luxurious Oceania Cruises Marina to the most stunning destinations in the South Pacific, the gorgeous Polynesian islands. Experience a cruise with the finest service, accommodations, and cuisine at sea, where every port of call is an island paradise. Admire multihued lagoons around Moorea, be engulfed by tropical splendor at Huahine, "The Garden Island," and discover the region's cultural heritage on beautiful Raiatea. Watch a sunset on romantic Bora Bora, and wander the black sand beaches of Nuku Hiva. Sail to Hiva Oa, artist Paul Gauguin's idyllic island home, and enchant your senses with colorful sea life on Rangiroa before returning to Papeete on the lovely island of Tahiti. Set adrift, catch the breeze, and discover Polynesia's most beautiful gems on this exceptional voyage.

Click here to download the brochure.

Click here to download the registration form.

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USU Career Services Invites You to Connect with Students and Alumni Discover Career Success

As Utah State University (USU) graduates enter an uncertain job market, the advice of an alumnus provides valuable insight, encouragement, and networking opportunities.  In cooperation with the Alumni Association, you are invited to join Career Services' Student Alumni Mentor Network (SAMN), an exclusive network for USU alumni and current students.  By participating in SAMN you can:

  • Support students’ employment goals
  • Expand your own professional and social network by joining us on SAMN, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Invite your employer to recruit USU students and alumni for internship, entry-level and experienced positions

Please feel free to stop by when you are on campus.  The career coaches at Career Services are excited to facilitate your campus visit and professional career success.


Donna Crow, Executive Director
Career Services & Student Success
University Inn, Rm. 102

Connect with Career Services to:

- Hire USU students and graduates for internship and permanent positions.

- Share your career success as an alumni mentor.

- Connect with your career coach for personalized assistance in your career search.

Visit Career Services at:; (435) 797-7777; University Inn, 102.

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Utah State Flickr Group Flickr

New photos from the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl pre-game party and the halftime presentation honoring USU at the Wichita State men's basketball game have been added to the Utah State Flickr Group.

Show your Aggie pride by sharing your USU related pictures on the Utah State Flickr group!

Flickr is one of the best online photo management and sharing applications available. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos you take with a cameraphone.

Click here to view and add photos.

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Update Your Records Update Your Records (laptop photo courtesy of fotocromo)

Have you recently moved, changed your email address, or gotten married? Whatever the change might be, it's easy to keep your USU records current!

To update your records, simply complete the online form and we will make the necessary changes so you can continue to receive the Utah State University Magazine; invitations to our many alumni events; and information about our other exciting promotions and publications.

Click here to update your records.

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Class Notes

Class Notes

Have you received a recent promotion or participated in a community event? Do you ever wonder what other Aggies from your graduating class are up to?

Click here to add your own Class Note today!

Read all of the recent Class Notes to find out what's going on in the lives of successful Aggie Alumni everywhere!

Alumnus Notes

Bliss Tew
BA '78


It's good to report that I am still gladly married to Sharon after 39 years. We make our home in Utah. We love to vacation in Newport Beach, CA each year. Our son, Collin, was in the Air Force for six years and served in Kuwait and Iraq during the war George W. Bush initiated and Obama and Congress have continued. We have two wonderful daughters, as well, and wonderful grandchildren. Since graduation in 1978, I've worked as a Branch Manager for Associates Financial Services. Later, I worked for Geneva Steel plant as Mold Train Manager. I worked for RJR as a Salesman for three years. Then, spent 8 years with Surgikos, a J&J Company, as a Sales Rep. and senior Sales Representative for a five state territory. I've worked since 1998 as a Field Coordinator over Utah and parts of Nevada and Wyoming and from 2007 as Regional Field Director over 10 and now 15 states for The John Birch Society (


William Lensch
BS '91


This past summer I was appointed the Faculty Director of Education for the Harvard Stem Cell Institute in Cambridge, MA and all thanks to working with great students like USU's own Cody Tramp!


This month's obituaries can be found here.

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Current Schedules


USU Women's Basketball Cruises to Fourth-Straight Win With 61-43 Victory Against Utah Valley Saturday Aggie Hoops

Four different Aggies score in double-digits in the win.

LOGAN,Utah - Four different players reached double-digits in scoring, as the Utah State women's basketball team completed non-conference action with a 61-43 win over in-state rival Utah Valley Saturday at the Dee Glen Smith Spectrum.

Utah State ends non-conference action with a 9-5 record, and has won four-straight games. This is the second four-game winning streak of the season for the Aggies. Utah Valley is now 6-9 this season and has lost two-straight games to Western Athletic Conference teams after losing to San Jose State on Jan. 5.

Senior forward Ashlee Brown and senior guard Brooke Jackson led Utah State with 13 points each. Brown was one of three Aggies with eight rebounds along with senior forward Maddy Plunkett and freshman guard Elise Nelson, who had a stand out game. Nelson also added a career-high 12 points, going 10-of-12 from the free throw line. Plunkett added 10 points as the fourth Aggie in double figures.

Junior guard Jenna Johnson played stellar defense with a career-high six steals. USU ended the game with a season-high 17 steals.

Utah Valley was led by nine points off the bench from Whitney Jenkins. Sammie Jensen, the Wolverines leading scorer, was held to seven points but added a game-high 11 boards.

For the fourth-straight game, USU won the battle of the boards, out-rebounding the Wolverines, 47-34. Utah State is now 6-0 when out-rebounding its opponents this season. The 47 boards was the most this season and only the second time this year they have reached the 40-rebound mark.


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USU Gymnastics Conducting Free Youth Clinic On January 14 Aggie Gymnastics

Open To Boys And Girls Ages 6-12

LOGAN, Utah - Utah State gymnastics will be conducting a free youth clinic on Saturday, Jan. 14 for boys and girls ages 6-12. The clinic will start at Noon and will be held in the USU gymnastics practice gym, room 211 in the HPER building on the Utah State campus at 700 North.

The clinic, which will be conducted by USU head coach Jeff Richards, his coaching staff and the Aggie gymnastics team, will last approximately one hour. Participants will learn basic gymnastics skills and have the opportunity to use the same equipment used by the USU Gymnastics team. The clinic is limited to 60 participants.

Following the clinic, the Aggie gymnastics team will sign autographs for the participants.

To register, e-mail the participants' & parent/guardians name(s), phone number, address and age of participants to The first 60 participants to register will be admitted to the clinic. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to let participants know if they are one of the first 60 people. If any questions or for more information, e-mail

The Aggies will open the season with two meets on the road, starting Jan. 13 at No. 5 Utah and Jan. 21 with a tri-meet at Texas Woman's University with No. 4 Oklahoma. The team will return home to the Dee Glen Smith Spectrum on Friday, Jan. 27 where they will host a tri-meet with Southern Utah and No. 14 Boise State.


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Wells Tabbed USU's New Offensive Coordinator

Aggie Football

Former Aggie QB Takes Over Reins Of USU Offense

LOGAN, Utah - Utah State football head coach Gary Andersen named Matt Wells as USU's new offensive coordinator on Thursday.

"I'm very excited and humbled for this opportunity that Coach Andersen has given me to lead the Utah State offense," Wells said. "We will continue to emphasize the physicality and importance of the run game that we have established, and will place greater emphasis on the vertical passing game and taking shots down field. We want to be a dynamic offense that is up-tempo and aggressive in all areas that is exciting to watch and for our players to play in."

Wells, who is a 1996 Utah State alum and was a three-year letterman at quarterback for the Aggies, is in his second year on the Aggie staff, coaching the USU quarterbacks in 2011.

"Matt is very prepared for this position, and he's youthful. While he's 38-years old, he has a lot of coaching experience, he's a first-time coordinator, but he's well-prepared to take the next step," Andersen said. "He has a great staff surrounding him with T.J. Woods, Ilaisa Tuiaki and Jovon Bouknight. They all work extremely well together. It will definitely be a group effort, but Matt has a lot of experience. He has been in several different programs, so he has a lot to pull from to be a great coordinator and is excited for the opportunity. I believe that he is well-prepared for the position. If I ever have the opportunity to promote from within, whether it is a coordinator or assistant coach position, I will always look within first, and this is perfect fit for our philosophy."


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Utah State Athletics Announces $4.5 Million Gift For New Strength and Conditioning Center

Aggie Athletics

The $6.2 million, 18,000 square-foot strength and conditioning center will feature areas for weight training, cardiovascular workouts and speed and agility training, as well as offices for staff.

LOGAN, Utah - Utah State University Director of Athletics Scott Barnes announced Friday the largest gift in the history of Aggie Athletics - a lead gift of $4.5 million from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous - to fund a new strength and conditioning center.

The $6.2 million, 18,000 square-foot strength and conditioning center will feature areas for weight training, cardiovascular workouts and speed and agility training, as well as offices for staff. Built on existing university property at the northwest corner of Romney Stadium, the state-of-the-art multi-level facility will alleviate overcrowding in the existing 5,800 square-foot conditioning center and will accommodate almost 400 athletes from 16 sports programs.

The facility is expected to be completed in the summer of 2013.

"We are extremely thankful for the generous and historic lead gift that has made this project possible," said Barnes. "We can't thank the donor family enough for their continued and monumental support. Their contribution to this project is a game changer for all of our programs."

"The location, programming aspects and amenities of the new strength and conditioning center will serve as a huge recruiting opportunity for all sports," Barnes added.

All funding for the new strength and conditioning center will come from private donations.

The location of the facility may allow the athletic department to capitalize on potential new merchandise sales and customer service opportunities as well.

"We will work with our architects and others to evaluate the upside to adding a game day Aggie Apparel outlet on the east end of the building as well as a possibility for a new game day ticket outlet on the west side," said Barnes.


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