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The Student Alumni Association is led by current USU students. Want to get more involved, just send an email and they'll gladly help to answer your questions and to get you connected.

2012- 2013 A Network Executive Board



Jameson Olsen
Email: jd.olsen21@gmail.com

The president is the acting student director of SAA, and is responsible for overseeing all board members' activities and providing help with projects and events. The president presides over weekly presidency and executive council meetings as well as general monthly meetings.
Vice President

Vice President

Adam Hess
Email: a.hess@aggiemail.usu.edu

The Vice President serves as a liason for ASAP District VII. Coordinates the programming for the Alumni Legacy Scholarship Recipients. The VP attends A-Day meetings and communicates with other Utah SAA Programs.


Josie Payne
Email: josie.payne@aggiemail.usu.edu

The secretary is responsible for keeping track of SAA information, such as e-mails, meeting minutes, member packets, and member birthdays. The Secretary keeps track of membership and updates the SAA database.
Networking VPs


Brianna Bodily
Email: brianna.b@aggiemail.usu.edu

The Networking VP is responsible for strengthening the relationship between students and alumni. He/she plans and implement Senior Celebration and work with Career Services to find ways to involve students with alumni.
Activities VP

Activities VP

Britnee Bromley
Email: britbrom@gmail.com

The Activities VPs is responsible for the activity portion of the monthly meetings. He/she is also responsible for member appreciation events.
Traditions VP


Braquel Woodward
Email: braquel.woodward@aggiemail.usu.edu

The Aggie Traditions VPs are responsible for planning and implementing Homecoming events, Founder's Day and True Aggie Nights.

Leadership Team

True Aggie Night Chair
President Andrew Gooch
Email: andrew.gooch@aggiemail.usu.edu

True Aggie Night is one of the oldest traditions on Utah State's campus. The responsibility is given to the True Aggie Night Chair to make sure they are set up and run smoothly every full moon.
A Week Chair

A Week Chair

Doug Fiefia
Email: douglas.fiefia@aggiemail.usu.edu

A-Week is the largest event put on during the spring semester, and the A-Week Chair works all year to collaborate with businesses, student groups, and other organizations to provide those on campus with the most fulfilling experience possible.
Scholarship Chair

Scholarship Chair

McKenna Lee
Email: kennalee.17@hotmail.com

A number of incoming freshmen and transfer students that qualify receive a scholarship through the Alumni Association. Our Scholarship Chair ensures that they are integrated into campus life and are aware of the opportunities to get involved with A-Network.
Activities Chair

Activites Chair

Alyssa Edwards
Email: a.l.e@aggiemail.usu.edu

The Activities Chair works together with the Activities VP to make sure all of the events put on through A-Network are well planned, and well executed.
Homecoming and Senior Celebration Chair
President; Kristen Steiner
Email: kristen.steiner@aggiemail.usu.edu

Celebration Chair: Our Homecoming and Senior Celebration Chair is kept busy with collaborating efforts with ASUSU for Homecoming, and teaming up again for the Senior Celebration in the spring semester.
Networking Chair

Networking Chair

TJ Godfrey
Email: tyson.godfrey@gmail.com

Networking is a big deal to A-Network, therefore we have a Networking Chair that teams up with the Networking VP to make sure we are offering as many possibilities as we can for students to meet people who could be helpful to their future.
Service Chair

Service Chair

Carrisa Rasmussen
Email: carrisa.rasmussen@usu.edu

Our service chair provides members of A-Network with opportunities to give back. We like to support the community as well as help alumni involved with service wherever they may be.
Public Relations Chair

Public Relations Chair

Paige Sjoblom
Email: paigesjoblom@gmail.com

PR is crucial to any organization, and that holds true for A-Network. Our PR Chair works with all of the other members of the leadership team, as well as the PR and Marketing outlets on campus to provide campus with the info it needs on what's going on in Student Alumni.