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All Students are invited to make the True Blue Pledge which is a four year pledge that totals $50 ($5 Freshman, $10 Sophomore, $15 Junior, $20 Senior)
It gives students an opportunity to support three areas not covered by tuition.
1. Aggies Helping Aggiesג€”Scholarships
2. Aggies Leaving Legaciesג€”Class Gifts
3. Aggies Fueling Passionsג€”Area of your choice on campus

How Does it Work?

There is no better way to show your appreciation to USU and its donors than by making a contribution yourself. The True Blue Pledge is a 4-year commitment to support your university and your passions. Hereג€™s how it works:

$5 - as a Freshman
$10 - as a Sophomore
$15 - as a Junior
$20.xx - as a Senior (xx is year of graduation ie. class of 2014 would give $20.14)
$50.xx Total

For a short time, current Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors can make their True Blue Pledge at a discounted rate (through the end of 2013).
Sophomores - $45 ($10 now, $15 Jr. yr., $20.16 senior year)
Juniors - $40 total ($20 this year, $20.15 next year)
Seniors - $35 total ($15 in Fall, $20.14 in Spring)

What does my money support?

Money raised through True Blue Pledges support three important priorities:

1. Aggies Helping Aggies

A portion of your gift will be used to support scholarships for current USU students.

2. Aggies Leaving Legacies

A portion of the gift will go toward class gift projects. Your class gift will be part of a 100-year-old tradition at USU; past students have left their mark on campus with gifts including:
ג€œAג€ on Old Main tower
USU Welcome sign on 400 North
Covered Bike Rack
The ג€œAג€ Block renovation
Drinking fountain/water station on the quad

3. Aggies Fueling Passions

A portion of your gift will go toward the area or program on campus that you are passionate about. This is your opportunity to help improve Utah State in a way that is important to you!

Benefits of making the True Blue Pledge:

• Membership in the Alumni Association every year you make a gift.
• Networking opportunities with Alumni.
• Exclusive True Blue graduation pin.
• Recognition in Commencement book.
• A-Plate License Plate Waiver.

Student Giving

The purpose of the Student Alumni Association Student Giving VP is to enhance the culture of giving at Utah State by helping students create a memorable legacy, understand the crucial role they play in the future of USU, and contribute as proud Aggie alumni.

TJ Godfrey

TJ Godfrey

VP of Student Giving
Phone: 435-760-8096
Email: tyson.godfrey

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