Study Smart Starter Kit

The Study Smart Starter Kit is based on our Academic Success Model. The kit contains study strategies that help you create your personal academic success. Adapt any of these strategies to fit your needs and learning style. "What have you got to lose but a bad grade!"

View also our page of subject-specific study resources.

Read this great article, Underachievement Among College Students, to help you see how all of the strategies in the Study Smart Kit will help you avoid academic difficulties that new college students often experience.



Other Academic Resources

Manage Time
-Video:Time management
-Estimating study hours
-Prioritization Grid
-Semester planner
-Weekly planner
-Managing procrastination
-Procrastination inventory
-"Psych'd Out!" online procrastination workshop
-Supplemental Instruction
-Video: Strategic Learning
-Memory improvement
-Mnemonic devices
-Your academic advisor
-Supplemental Instruction
- Psy 1730
Listen Actively

-Listening skills for lectures
Take Notes
-Cornell Note Taking
-Video:Note Taking
-Note taking examples
-Think like your professor
-PSY 1730
-Supplemental Instruction
-Your professor, TA, UTF
Read Text
Video: -Reading Improvement
-SQ3R reading system
- PBID strategy
-Annotating textbooks
-Reading pyramid
-PSY 1730
-PSY 1750
Test Preparation

-Creating Study Guides
-Visual organizers
-Preparing for Math exams
-Box of Understanding: Math
-Box of Understanding: Physics,Chemistry
-Box of Understanding: general science
-Effective study plans
-Five-day study plan
-Predicting test questions
-Thinking/learning pyramid
-Essay exam key words

-Supplemental Instruction
-Tutor Advertiser (private tutoring)
- PSY 1730
-Your professor, TA, UTF Review sessions
-Study groups
- Khan Academy math videos
Day of Test
-Sleep Hygiene
-Techniques to manage test anxiety
Manage Stress
-Video: -Stress Management
-Video:-Overcoming Test Anxiety
-Test Anxiety Inventory
-Managing test anxiety
-"Psych'd Out!" online test anxiety workshop
-Psych'd Out! online math anxiety workshop
-CAPS workshops
Take Test

-Test taking strategies
-Test taking tips
-Essay exam preparation
Analyze Returned Test

-Analyzing returned tests
-Analyze tests form
-Your professor, TA, UTF
-Supplemental Instruction