Subject-specific study resources

These resources are just a few of the many subject-specific study resources that are available online. Some of these Web sites were recommended by our Supplemental Instruction (SI) leaders, who have used them successfully in their SI study sessions. Ensure that you also use any online resources that came with your textbook and that are provided by your professor.

Though placement exam preparation resources are provided at the bottom of the page, contact USU Testing Services (within Career Services) for more information: (435) 797-1004, University Inn ground level Room 102.

Anatomy (human) -Online text and questions
-Human body online view
-Interactive guide of the body
-Anatomy memorization games
-Dissector guide and pictures
-Information and resources (
Biology -Quizzes and flashcards
-Biology videos
-General biology topics (
-General biology: details and diagrams
-General Biology (audio/video textbook)
-Genetics (sex-linked inheritance)
-Genetics (monohybrid problem sets)
Chemistry(general) -Detailed topics and diagrams
-Quizzes and flashcards
-Example problems, exercises, quizzes (
-Numbers and math operations (chemtutor)
Chemistry (organic) -Practice questions, definitions, flashcards
-Formulas and study help
-Detailed topics (
-Details and diagrams
-General help, review tests
Economics -Greg Mankiw's blog (Economics professor, Harvard University)
-Micro and Macro
-Detailed topics and articles (
-Quizzes, summaries, flashcards
-PowerPoints, sample quizzes
-Sample finals
-Microeconomics graphs (video)
Microbiology -Practice exams with solutions
-Lectures, activities, quizzes
-Study guides, lab pictures
Physics -Sample problems and solutions
-Physics help basic to advanced
-Explanations, sample problems
-Introductory and General Physics (audio-video textbook)
-PowerPoint lectures and quizzes
Physiology -Interactive animated body maps
-Tutorials (animated) and quizzes
Physiology tutorials (animated)
Psychology -Summaries, quizzes, flashcards
-Explanations and practice tests
-General tutorials and information (
Sociology -Review questions and examples
-Articles about sociology topics (NY Times)
U.S. History -American Memory (operated by Library of Congress): documents, photos, topic "exhibits"
Writing -Online Writing Center (Purdue University

Graduate Admissions and Entrance Exams
Praxis Pre-professional Skills Tests

GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, TOEFL USU Testing Services: This web page contains links to specific sites that have preparation materials and practice tests.
-GRE prep (free .com site)
Praxis practice tests -Preparation materials and practice tests from ETS
-Praxis study guides, practice tests, flashcards