Comments of SI faculty and students


"This is the first semester I have taught with SI and I have really enjoyed having an SI leader. They are an asset to my class and the students have nothing but good to say about them" - Emily Hoffman, Clinical Instructor, Nutrition and Food Sciences

"My experience is that students in large classes learn better and perform better when they have access to SI, even if they attend SI sessions irregularly." - David Rich Lewis, Professor, Department of History

"I cannot think of another program that has had as significant effect on my students as SI" - Tyler Bowles, Associate Professor, Department of Economics

"I have observed student performance in and out of the SI Program and have found that students faithfully associated with SI earn better grades, are more closely involved with the course, and more thoroughly comprehend course content. I firmly support the program and am totally convinced of its worthwhileness." - Ted Alsop, Associate Professor, Department of Environment and Society

"I am very impressed with the quality of SI leaders. They are very good student role models and are accommodating and helpful in class." - Susan K. Morgan, Lecturer, Department of Geology


"I didn't go to the SI sessions before the first exam and I noticed a big difference in my essay scores the second exam."

"My exams scores went up almost 35 points after I started going to the SI's. SI helped me more than any other type of study."

"I study better in groups, so I liked it. I also appreciated the opportunity to teach others a concept in the session. This helped me a lot."

"It was very helpful to hear the information again in different words. It helped me to make more sense of the material."

"I liked how the size of the sessions was small. It created a better learning environment."

"I liked how SI covered text book stuff that we were tested on, but we didn't go over in class."

"The study guides and quizzes were very helpful in covering and reviewing course material."

"I liked how the SI leader asked questions to get us involved in finding the answers."

"The SI leader had a lot of enthusiasm, which made me excited about this subject."

My SI leader was very easy to ask questions and express opinions to.

"The SI leader didn't act like she was better than us. She explained things well and told us about types of questions that may show up on the tests. She also went over things that I didn't catch or forgot."

"The SI leader's unique style made learning science fun and easy."

"The SI leader gave excellent explanations that helped clear up many of my questions."

"The SI leader actually made learning fun."