Roles and Responsibilities of SI Faculty

A faculty member who has SI for his/her course has a specific role and responsibilities, as described below:

  • Meet with your SI leader before each semester and regularly throughout the semester to answer questions or address concerns.
  • Provide a course textbook for your SI leader.
  • Include your SI leader's name, email, and SI session schedule on your syllabus and Canvas course site.
  • Allow your SI leader 5-10 minutes during the first day of class to introduce him/herself and SI to your students.
  • Regularly encourage your students to attend SI.
  • Allow the Academic Success Center and your SI leader to administer a 5-minute, in-class, midterm and an online end-of-semester evaluation of SI with your students.
  • Assist the Academic Success Center by identifying and referring qualified applicants to be xx as SI leaders for your course.