Understanding Test Anxiety

"My fears are like thundering elephants. Then when I get them out and really look at them, I see that they are actually mice with megaphones."

(Bruce Rahtjen)

Experiencing test anxiety does not mean there is something wrong with you or that you are not capable of doing college level work. In fact, you need a certain amount of stress for motivation. Your goal is to manage your anxiety at an level where you can perform your best.

There are three factors that can influence how confident you feel taking tests. Test anxiety can occur when these factors are not working well together. Click on each factor for an explanation and example.

In this module, you will assess yourself in relation to these three factors. What you learn will help you determine the causes of your test anxiety. You can then use the techniques presented in the Preparation, Strategies, and Stress Management modules to better manage your anxiety and improve your performance on tests.

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