Technique #1: Challenge your self-defeating thoughts

"If you knew you could handle anything that came your way, what would you have to
Susan Jeffers, Ph.D.

The way you think about a situation dictates how you will react to it. If you are thinking about test situations in a negative, worried, or fearful way, you will likely have a high degree of test anxiety. You are scaring yourself by telling yourself you cannot handle tests. These thoughts are self-defeating.

To challenge your self-defeating thoughts, first identify what you say to yourself about tests. These statements typically have "catastrophic" overtones. Once you recognize what you are saying to yourself, come up with a realistic coping statement. Coping statements allow you to problem-solve instead of panic.

Catastrophic statement Coping statement
"I could never study enough for this test." I have a lot to study for this test, but if I stick to my schedule, I can do it."
I have a lousy memory. There’s no way I can memorize all of the vocabulary for my Biology mid-term. I can do well on this test if I prepare ahead of time. I will need to make vocabulary cards and work with a study partner.
This test is worth 50% of my grade.If I don’t do well on this