Technique #5: Imagery and visualization

Use this technique before a test to calm yourself and improve your concentration. Create a visualization that works for you. Remember, the purpose of visualization is to help you relax and cope.

If you find it difficult to use relaxation strategies on your own, seek the guidance of a professional in the Utah State University Counseling Center Taggart Student Center, Room 306, (435)797-1012.


  • Imagine a scene that feels pleasurable and relaxing.
  • Let yourself stay with that scene for a few moments.
  • Once you feel relaxed, imagine going in for your test.
  • Imagine yourself calmly sitting down, waiting for the professor to pass out the test. As you receive the test, you say to yourself "I am prepared. Relax. Concentrate." You turn the test over and read the directions, planning your time carefully. You read and answer the first question...

Visualization: "Quick pics"

Think about something melting when you want to relax. "Melting" evokes many images:

  • snow melting in the sun
  • a flame melting candle wax
  • ice cubes melting
  • marshmallow melting in hot chocolate
  • butter melting in a pan
  • chocolate chips melting in Toll House cookies