Technique #7: Avoid stress triggers

Avoid people or situations that create anxiety.

Avoid discussing course material with other students immediately before the test. Last minute cramming generally causes more anxiety and concern about how and what you studied. Pay attention to the time allotted for the test, but avoid excessive clock-watching
Avoid getting to the test "just in time". Plan to arrive early to settle in and relax. Avoid food or drinks that are stimulants and increase "jitters". (This varies by individual).
Avoid believing rumors you hear about the test. Check it out with the person who really knows - your professor! Avoid talking about your test grade with other students if this increases your anxiety. If you feel uncomfortable with being asked "How did you do", respond with "I did as well as I expected." or "I’d rather not talk about my grades."
Avoid checking the progress of other students during the test. Remember: it doesn’t take long for someone to complete a test when he/she hasn’t studied. Conduct your post-test review by yourself if discussion with your classmates increases your anxiety.