Students with the necessary academic credentials are hired to work as peer tutors, SI leaders, and peer mentors for the academic support programs directed by the Center. The staff, therefore, is continuously involved in training these student employees to become accomplished facilitators of active, independent learning. Training activities are also conducted with teaching assistants and faculty for specific classes and programs.

Academic Tutors

Students who provide tutoring services for the Academic Resource Center are required to register for a two credit tutor training class, MGT 2160, during their first semester of work. Successful completion of MGT 2160 results in Level II-Advanced Tutor certification by the College Learning and Resource Association (CRLA). Students who are hired as academic tutors in other academic departments can also register for the class. This certification is recognized by many colleges and universities and can result in priority hiring and increased pay as a tutor.

Tutor certification requires:

  • completing MGT 2160 and all associated course work
  • conducting 50 hours of tutoring during the semester in which the the student takes the class, and
  • being observed and evaluated twice during the semester.

Supplemental Instruction Leaders

For each semester they are employed, SI leaders are required to attend bi-weekly training to improve their knowledge of learning theory and practice and to improve their skills with active teaching strategies and presentation skills. Students are paid for time spent in training.