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Step Up Your Study Skills--Quick-Shop Schedule

Workshop Location Time Date Instructor
Returning to Math TSC 225B 5:00 PM Thursday, January 14th Cherise King
Chaos Theory vs. Organizational Theory TSC 315A 1:30 PM Wednesday, January 20th Cherise King
How to Use Your Calculator TSC 225B 2:30 PM Friday, January 22nd Math Tutors
Building a Better Brain: Exercises to Make You Smarter TSC 315A 11:30 AM Tuesday, January 26th Su Lin Nelson
The Resilient Student: Moving from Surviving to Thriving TSC 315A 1:30 PM Thursday, February 4th Cherise King
Testing Like a Pro TSC 315A 12:30 PM Monday, February 8th Cherise King
Math Homework Tips TSC 225B 1:30 PM Friday, February 12th Cherise King
Make Friends with Your Textbooks TSC 315A 10:30 AM Tuesday, February 16th Su Lin Nelson
Testing in Math Class TSC 225B 12:00 PM Wednesday, February 17th Cherise King
Taking Notes in Math Class TSC 225B 1:30 PM Tuesday, February 23rd Cherise King
How to Talk with Professors TSC 315A 12:30 PM Thursday,February 25th Meagan Eyre
Build Your Own Time Machine TSC 315A 1:30 PM Wednesday, March 2nd Sarah Bennett
Better Notes = Better Grades TSC 315A 11:30 AM Tuesday, March 15th Dennis Kohler
Balancing Act: School, Life, Work, Family, etc. TSC 315A 9:30 AM Wednesday, March 23rd Dennis Kohler
What's in Your Backpack - Discovering Your Strengths and Weaknesses TSC 315A 10:30 AM Tuesday, March 29th Tianyi Xie
Turning Failure into Success - Math TSC 225B 12:00 PM Tuesday, March 29th Cherise King
Beautiful Answers to He Who Asks the Most Beautiful Questions TSC 315A 11:30 AM Tuesday, April 5th Su Lin Nelson
Combating Finals Anxiety TSC 315A 12:30 PM Thursday, April 14th Tianyi Xie
Getting It All Done: Finishing the Semester Strong TSC 315A 8:30 AM Tuesday, April 19th Dennis Kohler