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Jaws Screen reader

Jaws - Screen Reader - a software program that allows blind and visually impaired people to access computers. It reads the contents of the screen and menus aloud and provides access to all menu content and mouse actions with keyboard strokes. JAWS stands for Job Access With Speech.


MAGic - Screen Magnifier

MAGic - Screen Magnifier - a software program which can magnify the computer screen by as much as 36X the original size. It has additional features such as cursor enhancements, input field enhancements, focus enhancements, and speech (will read the screen to you similar to JAWS.)



Text Aloud

Text Aloud - a software program that can be used to convert any text to speech. The user simply cuts and pasts the text file into the window of the program to hear it read aloud. Can also be used to process entire files into .mp3 files to make a rudimentary "talking book".



Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon Naturally Speaking - a speech to text dictation program which allows the user to dictate to the computer and have their dictation typed out. The more the user uses the program, the more accurate it becomes at recognizing her/his voice and commands.



Wynn 5.10

WYNN - this software package enhances reading, writing and listening skills for people with a broad range of learning disabilities. The program components to read books outloud in a variety of formats to suit individual learning styles and needs, and has built in dictionary, thesarus, and editor for writing papers. It also allows both audio and written note taking and list making.



Math Type 6.0

Math Type - mathtype is much more than just a mathematical equation editor, although it can and does make very pretty mathematical equations and insert them easily into your Word documents. However, the striking aspect of Mathtype in the ATLC is that those same equations, when used in Word documents that are going to be Brailled using Duxbury software, will translate correctly into proper mathematical Braille, called Nemeth Code. Brilliant!


Duxbury Braille Translator

Duxbury Braille Translator - Learn to take plain text or Word files and edit them, encoding them as necessary, and produce braille output that can then be embossed on the Tiger Embosser. This can be used for simple items such as one page handouts, and on up to test and whole books. Accomodates several different languages with differences in accent marks and braille character sets.


Baum Vario Braille Display

Baum Vario Braille Display - 40 Character Braille display and keyboard which allows users to read the content of the computer screen when used in association with a screen reader program such as JAWS.



Classmate Reader

Classmate Reader - a portable digital book reader with a display screen. It will read/play a variety of digital book formats, including DAISY, HTML, Text, RFB&D, MP3, RTF, DOC. It includes study tools such as a dictionary, thesarus and bookmark/note-taker. Excellent tool for those with learning disabilities or other print-related disabilities.



Pulse Smart Pen

Livescribe Pulse Smart Pen - a pen with a camera embedded in the tip. The pen, along with its special paper, can record audio along with the associated written notes and then play back the notes by touching the pen to any point in the notes. Can also be played back on the computer as a flash movie. Additional software can be used to transfer your written notes into typed text if desired.



Opal Handheld CCTV

iloView Magnifier - Electronic Magnifier - Portable magnifier that has 12 magnification levels up to 17x, easy to carry to school or the store. Has different color outputs.



Victor Reader Stream

Victor Reader Stream - a portable digital book reader that looks similar to a small tape recorder but it does so much more. It will read/play a variety of digital book formats, including DAISY, HTML, Text, RFB&D, MP3, RTF, DOC. Accepts HCSD cards to store the digital material and uses different folders for different types of material, it is highly searchable and very portable. Used by blind and low vision individuals and others with print related disabilities.



Tiger Embosser

Tiger Embosser - Braille/Graphics Embosser allows users to create embossed tests, textbooks, or graphic images when used with the accompanying tiger software, or more commonly, the Duxbury Braille Translator software.



Topaz CCTV

Topaz CCTV - Electronic Magnifier - will magnify papers, magazines, books and other printed materials placed on the x-y tray beneath the camera. Magnification is from 1X to 82X original size. This is a desktop, non-portable device.


Logitech Quickcam Pro5000

Logitech Quickcam Pro5000 - Webcam that can be used by deaf or hard of hearing people to communicate with friends and family by using any one of many free webcam programs such as Oovoo. Those who do not know American Sign Language can also use the web camera to communicate with their Deaf friends and family by using the relay services provided by Sprint, via the installed software program.