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Give Back: Step up to the A-Week Challenge by April 18

The A-Week Challenge honors #AggiesInAction who help other Aggies struggling to finish college. This year, we’re challenging young alumni (and those young at heart) to celebrate A-Week by helping us raise $25,000 for the student emergency hardship fund. This fund helps students who are facing extreme financial hardship that would likely prevent them from staying in school.

Last year, more than 250 young alumni raised enough to double the emergency fund, and this year we hope to help 10 more Aggies in need. Make you’re A-Week pledge now and ensure the next generation of #AggiesInAction continues the tradition of service.

Emergency funds raised by young alumni are essential to keeping students at USU who would otherwise have been forced to drop out of school. These students are facing significant problems, ranging from death of a parent or provider to serious personal health issues. They have already exhausted all other options for financial support and have nowhere else to turn.
James Morales, VP Student Services

Student on USU campus

"Without help from the Student Emergency Fund, I would not have been able to continue my education and graduate this coming semester. The help I received gave me a chance to move past the hardship and reach my goal of earning a degree in Business. I am so grateful to Utah State University and all the generous donors to this fund. It's wonderful to know that when you need help, there is someone there to give you a hand. It’s one of the reasons I love being an Aggie!"
Le Vu
Senior, Business Administration