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Forest and Woodlands Ecosystems

PROJECT: Develop a scientifically credible knowledge base of ecological disturbances associated with bark beetles (e.g., mountain pine beetle, spruce beetle) in coniferous forests. Apply this information in effective management options designed to maintain or restore these forests into productive, sustainable ecosystems at stand, landscape, and regional levels.

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  Mountain pine beetle voltinism and life history (2014)
Authors: Bentz, Barbara; Vandygriff, James; Jensen, Camille; Coleman, Tom; Maloney, Patricia; Smith, Sheri; Grady, Amanda; Schen-Langenheim, Greta.

 Forest development and carbon dynamics after mountain pine beetle outbreaks (2014)
Author: Hansen, E.M.

 Changing climates, changing forests: A Western North American perspective (2013)
Authors: Fettig, C.J., Reid, M.L., Bentz, B.J., Sevanto, S., David L. Spittlehouse, D.L., Wang, T.

 The role of temperature variability in stabilizing the mountain pine beetle–fungus mutualism (2013)
Authors: Addison, A.L., Powell, J.A., Six, D.L., Moore, M., Bentz, B.J.

 Contrasting geographic patterns of genetic differentiation in body size and development time with reproductive isolation in Dendroctonus ponderosae (2013)
Authors: Bracewell, R.R., Pfrender, M.E., Mock, K.E., Bentz, B.J.

Forest and Woodland Ecosystems Science Program
Rocky Mountain Research Station
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