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E. Matthew Hansen is an entomologist with the project, has mostly worked in spruce beetle systems since 1997. His research invloves the physiological basis of life cycle duration, as well as the effects of the univoltine cycle on host mortality.  Additional research has focused on trapping strategies and trap catch interpretation.  Matt has also supported project scientists on a variety of mountain pine beetle studies such as assessment of verbenone for protecting lodgepole and whitebark pine, correlating funnel trap captures with life history events, and phenology studies at high elevation. He also served as field crew supervisor on the mountain pine beetle/ponderosa pine risk rating crew in 1995 and 1996. Before coming to the Research Station in 1995, he worked as a lead forestry technician for Forest Pest Management in Ogden, Utah from 1990-1994. During this time, he supervised field crews of up to 18 people while working on forest pests such as gypsy moth, spruce beetle, western balsam bark beetle, and Douglas-fir tussock moth. Additionally, he worked seasonally with the Forest Service for 9 years performing forest inventory, timber sale prep, contract inspection, and wildfire suppression.

M.S. (Forest Ecology) Utah State University, 2000
B.S. (Forestry) Utah State University, 1986



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Rocky Mountain Research Station and the USDA Forest Service

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E. Matthew Hansen

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