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Thursday, January 16

USU Bicknell Information Session


Come visit our staff and get additional information about the programs and support services available in Bicknell.

1/16 at 5:00 am | Utah State University Campus | More Info

Aaron Coleman Exhibition


Aaron is an artist/printmaker who is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Arizona. Below is a description of his work. My work has evolved into a blanket description of the apocalyptic world in which we live. Police brutality, racial discrimination, religious extremism, persecution of the LGBT communities, economic unrest, global warming, species extinction, habitat loss, holy wars, power trips and ego mania are the extremes my work addresses. Earth is a disaster area, a gigantic crime scene. My work takes on the characteristics of this global chaos. Each piece is an explosive combination of comic book pages, religious iconography and advertising which illustrates a world in ruin and the heroes and villains who occupy it.

1/16 at 9:00 am | Chase Fine Arts Center, Tipetts and Eccles Galleries | More Info

Communities West IV


Communities West IV is the fourth iteration of a biennial exchange. The folio was created with the intention of building community among printmakers living in, or with unyielding ties to the Western United States. In addition to building community, we are also interested in building a survey of printmakers who identify as having ties to the west and following their development through the continued curation of the portfolio. For the 4th iteration of the folio, participants from the first three folios were asked to participate again. The original list has also been added to through suggestions from members and seeking out work at conferences and events. As such the work represented is rich and varied in technique and concept. The artists in the folio are as diverse as the work. The community is made up of veteran and emerging printers, academics and working artists.

1/16 at 9:00 am | Chase Fine Arts Center, Tipetts and Eccles Galleries | More Info

"Seeking Solace"


Gallery East Art Exhibit
Art by Terry Willis

1/16 at 9:00 am | More Info

Utah Women Making History exhibit

Exhibition | Year of the Woman

The Hyrum City Museum will feature the traveling exhibit "Utah Women Making History" in celebration of the three significant women's rights anniversaries in the year 2020. This exhibit includes illustrations of Utah women (and a few men) who worked throughout the 20th century to advocate for women and advance their communities, including USU alumna Mignon Barker Richmond. These 50 illustrations were commissioned by Better Days 2020, a nonprofit dedicated to popularizing Utah women’s history and spearheading Utah’s statewide celebrations of these significant anniversaries.
** Check the Hyrum City Museum website for offical times of business

1/16 at 10:00 am | More Info

Latinx from the NEHMA Collection


Latinx works of art represent a growing part of the NEHMA collection and reflect a significant influence in Western American art. New acquisitions by Yolanda Gonzalez, Leo Limón, Paul Sierra and Eloy Torrez will be featured in Latinx from the Collection as well as a grouping of paños, artworks created on handkerchiefs by artists incarcerated in Texas penitentiaries.

Latinx from the NEHMA Collection is co-curated by USU Art History Professor Alvaro Ibarra and NEHMA Curator of Collections and Exhibitions Bolton Colburn.

1/16 at 10:00 am | Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art | More Info

Haikus, Modernism and Stanton MacDonald-Wright


Stanton MacDonald-Wright’s “Haiga Portfolio” (1965-1966) blends Eastern and Western influences, pairing vibrant modernist paintings with haikus written by some of Japan’s most influential poets.
The term “haiga” refers to a style of Japanese painting by haiku poets, whose poems are known for their brevity and simplicity. Each of the ten prints that compose the “Haiga Portfolio” have a corresponding haiku.
The “Haiga Portfolio” exemplifies the 20th century modernist movement Synchromism, cofounded in 1913 by MacDonald-Wright and Morgan Russell. The movement sought to arrange color in the same way that sound is composed in music and is considered the first American avant-guard movement to be accepted internationally. Seventy-five years old at the time of the portfolio’s creation, MacDonald-Wright employed the use of energetic, swirling shapes coupled with dense, vivid colors orchestrated in the modernist style and the rhythm of Synchromism.

1/16 at 10:00 am | Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art | More Info

Sky Above, Earth Below: A History of Western Landscape Photography


“Sky Above, Earth Below” traces the development of western landscape photography from the late 19th century to the 21st century, starting with early American photographers like Myra Albert Wiggins, Edward Curtis, and Karl Struss and concluding with contemporary photographers like Barry Andersen, Kimberly Anderson, Karalee Kuchar, and Charlotte Trolinger. The exhibition includes work from members of the Seattle Camera Club, FSA (Farm Security Administration), f/64 (a group of 20th-century photographers known for precise exposures and depiction of natural forms) and contemporary photography portfolios such as American Roads (printed in 1981), The Museum Project (printed in 2015), and DEMARCATION (printed in 2018).

1/16 at 10:00 am | Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art | More Info

Student Success Workshop


Resources & Getting Involved = Student Success

Student Success Workshops are free and open to all USU Eastern Students.

1/16 at 12:00 pm | More Info

Some Models for the Interaction of Long and Short Waves in Dispersive Media


The speaker for this colloquium is Dr. Nghiem Nguyen, Assistant Professor in the Mathematics and Statistics department.
Part of the Mathematics and Statistics colloquium series.
Refreshments served at 3:00pm.

1/16 at 3:30 pm | Animal Science | More Info

Women's Basketball


Description:Utah State University Eastern Women's Basketball vs Salt Lake Community College
Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/usu-eastern-womens-basketball-tickets-70045280319

1/16 at 5:00 pm | More Info

FE Information Session


The Engineering Tutoring Center is hosting an information session for students preparing to take the Fundamentals of Engineering exam. This information session will cover topics such as how to register for the exam, how to prepare, and what to expect when it comes time to take it. This information session is a good resource for engineering students across all majors who are required to take the exam, specifically those in their junior years of school.

1/16 at 5:30 pm | Engineering Building | More Info

FE Exam Information Session


The FE Exam Information Session will be an opportunity for student that are preparing themselves to take the FE exam to learn a little more about the exam from people that have already taken the exam. There will be a presentation to explain the set up of the FE Exam and then a Q & A session afterwards.

1/16 at 5:30 pm | Engineering Building | More Info

Society for Human Resource Management Spring Opening Social


Come enjoy our club opening social with a hot chocolate bar and a presentation about LinkedIn!

1/16 at 6:00 pm | Huntsman Hall | More Info

What's the Buzz? Bee Diversity and Conservation

Lecture/Readings | Gardening

Bees pollinate approximately 75% of the fruits, nuts and vegetables grown in the United States. We depend on them, but how much do we really know about them? Want to find out? Join us for this BEEutiful lecture from Dr. Joseph Wilson!

Dr. Joseph Wilson is an expert on North American bee species, as well as an assistant professor of biology at Utah State University, author of The Bees in Your Backyard, and recent TEDxUSU presenter.

Space is limited and spots fill fast! Be sure to register to ensure your spot.

1/16 at 6:30 pm | Swaner EcoCenter | More Info

Men's Basketball


Utah State University Eastern Men's Basketball vs Salt Lake Community College
Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/usu-eastern-mens-basketball-tickets-70049781783

1/16 at 7:00 pm | More Info

USU Guitar, Bass and Drums Festival


This is the third annual USU Guitar, Bass and Drums Festival and will showcase some of the top guitar, bass and drum musicians in the country. This year will feature Jon Hamar on Acoustic Bass and Emanuel Harold on Drums. Master Class: 1/16/20 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM .

1/16 at 7:30 pm | Russell/Wanlass Performance Hall | More Info




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