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Friday, March 19

International Executive Challenge

Special Event

The International Executive Challenge is a one-of-a-kind, fast-paced simulation where 12 teams from across the globe face off in an immersive leadership development experience. Student teams have the unique opportunity to place themselves in the shoes of c-level executives, solve complex real-world business problems, and test their leadership in front of experienced leaders who act as a board of directors.

You can join the virtual events to watch your classmates from USU face-off against teams from South Africa, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, and the University of Pennsylvania.

3/19 at 8:00 am | Online/Virtual | More Info

Backpack to Briefcase: Grad School - Now or Later?

Workshop/Training | Focused Friday

Join our virtual panel: “Grad School: Now or Later?” It will feature professionals and students at many different stages currently attending or graduated from a variety of graduate programs. You’ll hear about their thought process before, during, and after their graduate school experience. This panel will provide you with better insight and ideas to inform your own decisions about graduate school.

Panelists include:
-Bob Winder: President, Logan Growth Advisors
-Emma Cherrington, Healthcare Data Analyst at Revere Health
-Sarah Peck: Assistant Public Defender, Virginia Indigent Defense Commission
-Jared Patterson: Incoming HR Generalist, Honeywell International

Join us live on the Huntsman YouTube Channel.

3/19 at 9:00 am | Online/Virtual | More Info

The World's Principled Leaders: Stephen M.R. Covey

Panel Discussion/Presentation | Focused Friday

Best-selling author Stephen M.R. Covey is one of the world’s leading authorities on trust. He asserts that it is “the most overlooked, misunderstood, underutilized asset to enable performance. Its impact, for good or bad, is dramatic and pervasive. It’s something you can’t escape.” Covey shows how trust—and the speed at which it is established with clients, employees, and all stakeholders—is the single most critical component of a successful leader and organization.

Watch live on the Huntsman YouTube Channel.

3/19 at 9:00 am | Online/Virtual | More Info

All Things Considered: USU Senior BFA Show


Twenty Senior Bachelor of Fine Arts students have been hard at work preparing for their undergraduate capstone show. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, students have been preparing artworks to share. In response to the trials and tribulations they, and all of us, have faced during the last year the show has been aptly named: All Things Considered. For this show, nearly two-dozen students from various artistic disciplines are combining their efforts and talents for a single exhibit. This show will showcase the skills and concepts the graduating B.F.A. students have been developing during their time as undergraduate students. Art and Design students begin their journeys with their foundations classes where they attempt to master the basics of two- and three-dimensional art. During that same time, students are preparing to enter their desired emphasis. Once they have been selected for these competitive programs, students have two years to explore and develop skills in their chosen disciplines. All Things Considered will highlight the respective creative-research and development of the graduating Art and Design seniors.

3/19 at 9:00 am | Chase Fine Arts Center, Tipetts and Eccles Galleries | More Info

The World's Principled Leaders Series: Doug Conant

Panel Discussion/Presentation | Focused Friday

Doug Conant is the only former Fortune 500 CEO who is an NYT bestselling author, a Top 50 Leadership Innovator, a Top 100 Leadership Speaker, and a Top 100 Most Influential Author in the World. Equipped with Stephen R. Covey’s 7 Habits, he has famously transformed companies like Nabisco, and Avon, and has led the Campbell Soup Company from being among the worst in the Fortune 500 to being consistently among the best. Today he continues to use his leadership model and his passion for people to steer organizations and individuals through the most challenging of times.

Watch live on the Huntsman YouTube Channel.

3/19 at 10:00 am | Online/Virtual | More Info

Barns, Cows, Tractors, Horses, Hay, and Farmers


Farming and agriculture, the activities that feed us, are not usually the focus of landscape and outdoor paintings. However, artists constantly find bucolic, farming, and pastoral scenes an intriguing mix of nature and humanity. Celebrating agriculture through art, Barns, Cows, Tractors, Horses, Hay, and Farmers focuses on paintings, prints, and sculpture from the collection. Instead of depicting landscape devoid of human presence, these works of art reflect the imprint of humanity on the land in many different ways. A timeline of USU agricultural milestones will accompany the exhibition.

3/19 at 10:00 am | Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art | More Info

Three Depression-Era Photographers In Utah


Dorothea Lange (b. New Jersey, 1895 –d. San Francisco, 1965), Russell Lee (b. Ottawa, Illinois 1903–d. Austin, Texas 1986), and Arthur Rothstein (b. 1915, New York –d. 1985, New Rochelle, New York) are the three photographers who were hired by the Farm Security Administration to document rural Utah in the late 1930s. The portraits of agricultural workers and their families, and the land that they worked, provide a unique picture of Utah’s rural past. Lange, Lee, and Rothstein, all well-known photographers when they were hired for this project, took their photographs in rural towns and counties in Utah and these photographs include imagery of Box Elder and Cache Counties as well as Escalante, Santa Clara, Washington, and Widtsoe, Utah. The exhibition is comprised of 34 photographs by Lange, Lee, and Rothstein from the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art collection.

3/19 at 10:00 am | Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art | More Info

American Farmer


American Farmer celebrates the living spirit of our heartland through the faces and voices of the people who keep it alive. Featuring 45 color and black and white portraits in addition to interviews with farmers from across the United States, American Farmer tells the inspiring stores of the stewards of this land. When photographer Paul Mobley set out to capture the soul of our country’s farm communities, he encountered an enduring rural culture that remains rooted in the principles of tradition, family, integrity, and hard work. Crisscrossing the country from Alaska to Florida, Mobley’s photographs show the geographic and cultural diversity of the American farmer. His photographs are accompanied by anecdotes and memories of their subjects. American Farmer is a traveling exhibition organized by Exhibits USA.

3/19, All Day | Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art | More Info


Exhibition | Agriculture and Natural Resources

December 19, 2020 – March 27, 2021
Fridays - Sundays, 10AM to 4PM
Admission complimentary, thanks to our sponsors

Our world is made of water and so are we. Water/Ways, an exhibition from Smithsonian’s Museum on Main Street, takes a deep look at this essential component of life on our planet, which powers the environment’s engine, impacts climate and helps shape and sculpt the landscape.

Water/Ways is part of Museum on Main Street, a collaboration between the Smithsonian Institution and the Utah Humanities council, and was adapted from an exhibition organized by the American Museum of Natural History, New York.

Watch the video here:

3/19 at 10:00 am | Swaner EcoCenter | More Info

Scholars for Anti-Racist Fellowship in Education: Dr. Felice Blake


Dr. Felice Blake is an Associate Professor of English at UC Santa Barbara. In her talk, "'Do You Wanna See a Dead Body?': 'Nosetalgia', Race, and the Trauma of Representation," Dr. Felice Blake will share her expertise on racism, culture, and resistance and invite us into a conversation about how we can reflect on these issues as they relate to representation. We’re excited to share that Lili Yan, PhD student in the Department of Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences, will moderate the talk.

3/19 at 11:00 am | More Info

Backpack to Briefcase: Informational Interviews

Workshop/Training | Focused Friday

Skillfully used, an informational interview is one of the most valuable sources of career exploration. While it may cover some of the same ground as information on a company website, it presents opportunities for an intimate and flexible inside view of a job field unmatched by other sources. The information interview communicates the firsthand experience and impressions of someone in the occupation and is directed by your questions. Learn how to use informational interviews to your advantage from Aggie alum, Mike Tolman.

Join us live on the Huntsman School YouTube Channel.

3/19 at 12:00 pm | Online/Virtual | More Info

Softball - Mask's Required


Come out and support the Lady Eagles as they take on Salt Lake Community College
Masks required and all USU & State mandates will be observed.

Keep up on all USU Eastern Athletics at https://www.facebook.com/UtahStateEasternAthletics

3/19 at 12:00 pm | More Info

Inaugural Indigenous Knowledge Symposium


The MESAS Program invites you attend its inaugural Indigenous Knowledge Symposium. This event will bring together campus staff, faculty, and students together to learn more about the importance of Indigenous knowledge across various academic disciplines. Our theme for this year is: Sovereignty, Identity, and Indigenous Knowledge in Higher Education.

3/19 at 1:00 pm | More Info

Together Apart: Music Therapy Forum 2021

Panel Discussion/Presentation

Have you ever wondered what music therapy is? From pain management in hospitals to rap songwriting in social work, this field reaches across vast populations and continues to grow every day. Join us throughout the week of March 15-19 and see how this clinical and evidence-based practice is helping to improve the lives of so many around the world. Two live zoom 'booths' will be open to the public daily (one at 3:30pm and one at 5:30pm), featuring live music therapy demonstrations, field applications/research, networking opportunities, and USU Music Therapy Information. Access the zoom link on our website listed here!

3/19 at 3:30 pm | Online/Virtual | More Info

Fat Eating


It’s time to change the way we use the word fat and dismantle the stigma we’ve associated with it. Ditch unhealthy diet culture. Meet with a dietician to learn tools on how to eat mindfully. You can eat healthy at any size.
Zoom ID: 655 249 0401 Password: happybody

3/19 at 4:00 pm | Online/Virtual | More Info

Music and Identity Series: Ellie Hisama "Lost Voices, Found Histories: On Silences and Soundings"


Race and gender have long kept certain performers and composers out of traditionally white, male spaces in American classical music. The recent surge of interest by musicians, concert programmers, scholars, and writers in “lost” composers of color and women composers prompt us to recall the words of Masha Gessen: Is it a revolution, or a series of retributions? This lecture considers how exclusions in the sphere of music can be addressed by students and scholars, and concludes by reflecting upon possibilities for public-facing music scholarship and community engagement. Meeting ID: 871 2357 4026 Passcode: Identity

3/19 at 5:00 pm | Online/Virtual | More Info

Volleyball - Masks Required


Come out to the BDAC and support the Lady Eagles as they take on College of Southern Idaho
Masks required and all USU & State mandates will be observed.

Keep up on all USU Eastern Athletics at https://www.facebook.com/UtahStateEasternAthletics

3/19 at 6:00 pm | More Info

Science Unwrapped: The Dark Side of Dataveillance

Conference/Seminar | Science Unwrapped

USU Political Scientist, Jeannie Johnson, presents "The Dark Side of Dataveillance" for College of Science's outreach event, Science Unwrapped. This presentation will be broadcast via Zoom on the evening of March 19. Visit our website to learn more about Science Unwrapped,https://www.usu.edu/unwrapped/.

3/19 at 7:00 pm | More Info

EUSA Bingo Night

Student Activities

Come play Bingo in the Geary theatre for a chance to win a prize. Masks and social distancing are required.

3/19 at 8:00 pm | More Info



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