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Ecology Center Speaker Series

Monday, Aug 03 - 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Lecture & Readings
Engineering Building - Map it
Room: 103
Ecology Center
Dr. Vanessa Ezenwa from the University of Georgia will present: "Worms, germs and anesthesia: a parasite perspective on wildlife ecology." Parasites and pathogens are among the most common forms of life on earth, and only in the past few decades have ecologists come to recognize the fundamental role these organisms play in the ecology and evolution of their much larger animal hosts. Microscopic parasites are often important determinants of fundamental macroscopic processes of interest to most wildlife ecologists (e.g. behavior, competition, predation). In this talk I discuss how the inclusion of parasites and infectious diseases in ecological studies is enhancing our general understanding of the ecological and evolutionary dynamics of wildlife populations.
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Jennifer Schultz