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Post Mormon Panel and Discussion

Saturday, Aug 01 - 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM
Student Activities
Geology building - Map it
Room: 105
Access & Diversity Center
We will address the topic of life after leaving the LDS church. USU LIFE and USU Post Mormons will be jointly hosting the event. The goal of the panel is to allow for an open dialogue to be built in our community on the difficulty of no longer being a member of the LDS church and understanding a crisis of faith. This event is in no way a venue for bashing of any kind, on both sides of the aisle. Everyone on the panel was Mormon at one time and for varying reasons no longer is active in the Mormon Church. The panel members have been selected with the intent of sharing their experiences to provide for a discussion that would shed light on a deeply rooted subject that can be difficult for many to understand. We invite all to come with questions and an open mind. The discussion takes plaec in GEOL 105.
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Nick Virgil