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Department Teaching Excellence-Provost's Series on Instructional Excellence

Tuesday, Jan 15 - 3:30PM to 5:00PM

The history faculty of Utah State University, winners of the 2012 Department Teaching Excellence Award, focus their classroom work on a key question: when students complete a program of study, what should they know, understand,and be able to do? Since 2009, the History Department has participated in the "Tuning" project that poses this query. Tuning is a faculty-led initiative to clarify the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind generated through disciplinary study. Tuning encourages conversations with "stakeholders" to create intentional, well-designed programs of study that "ratchet" expectations higher as students progress in their education. In this presentaiton, the History Department will demonstrate its work in the statewide & nationwide Tuning project. Faculty will describe innovative ways that courses have been re-imaginged to better serve its audience of Gen Ed, bachelor's, and master's students; future teachers; and interested buffs.

Provost Office
Merrill-Cazier Library - Map it
Open To:
Michele Hillard

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