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Intramurals offers students a fun and challenging way to stay active and learn sportsmanship. Join any team or create your own. There are different sports offered each semester. So, get involved and show us your A game!

Summer Intramurals Registration Opens May 12!

Play soccer and softball, or both, starting May 27 & 28. You must be a student to play! You can pay the $22.17 rec fee at the registrar's office to play if you're not a student.

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Program Coordinator

Scott Wamsley

Email: Scott.Wamsley@usu.edu

Assistant Coordinator

Travis Del Toro

Email: Intramurals@usu.edu


Sports Offered

Flag Football
Flag Football Rules

Soccer Rules
Volleyball 4v4

4v4 Volleyball Rules

Dodgeball Rules
3-on-3 Basketball

3-on-3 Basketball Rules
Indoor Soccer

Indoor Soccer Rules
5v5 Basketball

5v5 Basketball Rules

Softball Rules
Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee Rules