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Large Pool (Pool 1)

Large Pool- 6 lap lanes, low dive and high dive

This pool maintains a cooler temperature of 80-81 degrees, ideal for tough workouts or just lap swimming. The pool is open during Lap Swim times. Space is limited, so patrons using the pool should be proficient swimmers. All patrons are to be respectful of others and practice good swimming etiquette (circle swim).


Rent the Pool 
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Rent our Key Log (for use in our pool only)!


Pool Passes Options

Pool Passes: (Good for all Lap & Open Swim Times- children allowed during Open Swim only)

Full-time Students- Free w/valid USU ID

Benefitted Faculty/Staff-
Free w/valid USU ID

Student Spouse, Faculty/Staff Spouse-
 Free w/ purchase of Spouse Card at Registrar's Office

Children of Students- Free w/parent's valid USU ID (Open Swim times only)

Children of Faculty/Staff- $2 single-use pass (Open Swim times only)

Alumni, Non-Benefitted Faculty/Staff, Visiting Scholars, Community-
$2 children single-use pass (17-)  (Open Swim times only)
$3 adult day pass (18+)
$20/week membership
$50/month membership
$125/semester membership
*Family/Multi-Person Passes not available


Small Pool (Pool 2)

Small Pool- 6 lanes mostly used for therapy, swim lessons, and water aerobics

This pool maintains a warmer temperature of 86 degrees, perfect for teaching, learning, rehabilitation, playing and relaxing. This pool is open only during Open Rec Swim hours.