Instructions for Taking Online Career Assessments

Instructions for Taking Online Career Assessments

Prior to taking either of these assessments, contact a Career Coach to arrange for payment, as well as to schedule your interpretation appointment to receive your results.

1. Go to
    Login: take
    Password: tests

2. User ID: You do not have one initially. One will be generated if you do not finish the assessment.

3. Click: Login

4. Click on the name of the assessment you are taking:
        Complete both sections of this assessment
        _____ Section I: Strong
        When finished click: “Begin Next Step”
        _____ Section II: Skills Confidence Inventory

     Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
       _____ MBTI Step I (Form M)

5. Find “Batch Name” on the next page and click this “drop down” group:
       _____CERC Office

6. If you must stop before answering all the questions to an assessment, click “Done.” The program will generate a “User ID” code for you. Write the code here:


7. If you later need to complete an unfinished assessment, repeat steps 1 – 3, and include your User ID.

8. Once you have completed the assessments, the process is finished. You do not need to print anything. Your assessment results are automatically sent to Career Services.